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Asian Continent


Asian Continent
Ongoing 10/14
Bunlang Dok Mai
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by MoonBeam

Jun 13, 2018
10 of 14 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 8.5
If you are interested in a light romcom with a nice solid plot, logical characters -not over the top, nice cute romance and moments / chemistry between the lead couple, intelligent direction/story and good acting- look no further.

Strongly recommend this lakorn for the following reasons.
Though the story is nothing great A spoilt rich guy being reformed by a strong and nice girl - the direction and acting makes it a very interesting watch.
The Direction is great and the Screenplay is refreshingly well written and Quite funny. It goes on to show how a typical story line when done well becomes a engaging drama.

Its nothing like a typical thai lakorn with screaming women (funnily the villain or exGF of the lead guy starts screaming in one scene and the lead girl admonishes her not to scream - i found that hilarious and fresh)- but for a change the characters especially women are shown as more intelligent and adventurous of the lot. The lead girl - a successful orchid farm owner & Her friend is a clever accountant are shown as self sufficient and successful women with a strong mind. I like that they are bold and unapologetic about their love and decisions and can take a strong stand when required.

The chemistry / romance and the interactions between the leads and second leads is very cute and humour is also quite subtle. The other side characters like the wayward stepmom and her wicked BF, the adopted grandson who is the main villain and the wanna be girlfriend of the lead guy are all tolerable and not too dark. Even the servants of the house are treated like normal people who even want to study and progress -so all the characters are well thought out and given some screen time. Even the corporate scenes arent silly and have been dealt with logical and intelligently.

The Director has done a great job on connecting the dots and events and doesnt leave any loose ends.

There are some of memorable and original scenes from the drama which I have not seen before.
In ep 7/ 8 the scene where Win-lead guy apologizes to the girl Pud with small notes being passed under the door is a very cute scene and also the one where he kind of proposes to her in the flower farm. It feels more like a korean drama (but not complaining as it is in fact a very good watch - a light romcom)
The second lead girl is a korean drama fan and her takes and digs at KD is quite fresh. The flower men pageant was really neat and novel(ep10)
The interaction between the leads and second leads will keep you smiling throughout.

To conclude i would safely say its one of my favourite Thai lakorns and one of the best I have seen in the romcom genre.
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