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Jakarta, Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I watched my first drama on a whim years ago, which led to another, and so on and so forth, and quickly fell in love with the journey. I am excited to be a part of MDL :) This site is almost, if not just as, addicting as watching dramas.

I have watched so many dramas and movies, please check out my crazy long list, however my favorite actor: Lee Jun Ki and love all of his dramas and movies, from Iljimae to Joseon Gunman to Lawless Lawyer. Love them all! I was obsessed with him as a vampire in Scholar Who Walks The Night. Then I was crazy for his character 4th Prince Wang So in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo! Now I'm just crazy for his newest drama Flower of Evil.

My first love with Lee Jun Ki: ILJIMAE

My favorite father & daughter  drama: Two Weeks & Flower of Evil

My favorite drama in the year:

2010: Secret Garden (this is my very first kdrama, loved Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won, and it was the one which started my long kdrama journey)

2011: Princess Man

2012: Rooftop Prince

2013: I Hear Your Voice 

2014: You Who Came From The Star 

2015: highly recommended: Kill Me Heal Me, and obsessed on Scholar Who Walks The Night :) I'm a huge LJK fan hahaha!

2016: SIGNAL, if you love an awesome crime drama. And of course: Lee Joon Gi's Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It is my favorite of his projects to date! He is AWESOME! 

2017: Voice and the Defendant are very good dramas. Highly recommended

2018: MOTHER is the best of this year so far. Lawless Lawyer was pretty good.

2019: The Crowned Clown is very good. But Voice 3 is AMAZING!

2020: The World of the Married and obsessed with Lee Joon Gi's Flower of Evil. A MUST WATCH!

2021: Mr. Queen is my fave drama of the year 2021. 

2022: Alchemy of Souls - highly recommended

2023: Moving & My Dearest - absolutely the best dramas of the year

My favorite couple: Lee Joon Gi and Lee Yu Bi, although I also love Lee Joon Gi and IU in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo! And absolutely love JoonChae couple aka (Lee Joon Gi & Moon Chae Won)

My favorite actor: LEE JOON GI, always and forever!

My favorite character: Wang So!


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