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I am mostly KPOP obsessed since early 2011. Before that, I watched mainly anime and kdramas. I still watch dramas but I have a notorious ability to NOT finish things--whether its dramas, anime, books, games, etc. Even if I spend a long time on things I can't seem to finish things--usually. 

I can't say for sure when I watched my first drama. I would have to say the first was most likely the Taiwanese adaption of Hana Kimi though. As Hana Kimi was one of my favourite mangas I searched everything regarding it. Eventually, I did watch the Japanese version of it too.
My first kdrama... I'm not sure; lol. I watched many, like Prince Hours, earlier on thanks to Crunchyroll. But I also distinctly remember ravaging YouTube for Boys Over Flowers.

Find me on on other list sites : 

Anime/Manga -MyAnimeList, Kitsu, Anime-Planet, AniList

Video Games - Backloggery, PlaystationNetwork

Books - GoodReads

If anyone knows any good websites to archive my western shows and movies please let me know. I've found many but none work properly like MDL or any anime websites I use... So I try to list by hand but this is tiring and a website would be soo much better. 

Please note my username is almost always notyourboyfriend or notyourboi on any site. 

My display name is also usually Chu. Please address me as such. Some people assume that this is me being cute and using the Japanese word/sound for Kiss but if you were to hear my mother and family address me you would hear "Chu", and it originates from the Spanish word "Chulo/Chula" meaning Chic (among other things). I also respond to Cho because my younger brother called me this instead of Chu due to pronunciation difficulties and he kinda just stuck with it. 


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