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hi, I'm olivia

only recently got into asian dramas, so I have lots to catch up on



enjoyer of all types of romance dramas <3

my first korean drama:  crash landing on you

my first korean BL:  semantic error

my first taiwanese BL:  we best love

my first thai BL:  bad buddy


my criteria for ranking: 

  1.  good chemistry!! (especially w good flirting & casual intimacy)
  2.  good acting
  3.  believable romantic tension
  4.  supporting cast that is fleshed out/nuanced  
  5.  the music/OST adds to the scenes significantly  
  7.  draws me in to the point that I NEED to binge
  8.  feels somewhat realistic 
  9.  minimal amount of 'convenient' plot points or scenes
  10.  minimal amount of cringe (sometimes it's fun, but too much is... too much)

thought process for scoring/ranking:
10.0perfection  |  would recommend to anyone
9.0 - 9.5really, really good  |  just one or two flaws
8.0 - 8.5good  |  thoroughly enjoyed, tho not a fave
7.0 - 7.5okay  |  probably won't watch again
6.0 - 6.5not good  |  finished just for the sake of finishing
< 6.0most likely dropped  |  do not recommend

fave tropes:
worst tropes:
enemies to lovers
fated meeting when young(er)
friends to lovers
forbidden love
love triangles
forced proximity
accidental kisses
unrequited love
"I'm not gay, but I like you"
step-sibling crush/relationship
 (especially when one or both are underage when first introduced, it's just weird. looking at you HIStory 4)
fake relationships (but I'm PICKY)
rich/poor dynamic
overly tragic past
(sometimes the character genuinely needs therapy, not a relationship)
bodyguard (kinnporsche hehe)


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