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In the pool of glitter


In the pool of glitter

Feel  also free to PM to discuss  stuff but I might take a while to answer
Multifandom, Asian food recipes, Asian-pop enough to drive neighbors mad.
Also if you want visit/guest or visit Sweden, drop a line or two.
I love to travel, meet up with new friends all over the globe.

Lost in the world, living in Scandinavia.
Pan-glittergay!  *sparkles* Let's slay and play together fam!
He, him,it, Ikeafurniture-nouns
(but  grammar inept, no point in trying anymore)
 Older not wiser.
Young in mind

Research expedition photographer
/adventurer/backpacker by day,
sinner by night.
I waste adult money on cute things.

[Currently on  a longer sickleave  recovering  after 7years long cancer battle, but I fucking won!]

The fandom?

  • Not quite added everything I've watched...
  • Started watching dramas in mid 90's, anime + manga in the 80's , novels first in 2020..
  • BL/Yaoi/danmei consumer
  • I love the origin of the productions almost equally
  • Felix from SKZ ,Fiat (Thai actor) and Gon Jun are some of my weak points
  • Wookie
  • spicy danmei
  • Asian cousine
  • wuxia and historical dramas
  • Anything fantasy/sci-fi is always welcomed

Extra appreciation

  • ACTUAL LGBTQIA+ and minority-actors
    (minority representation should stick to the minorities)
  • Underdogs
  • Kissing-scenes 
    (I'm judgmental about this. Good kisses is a deal breaker!)
  • Good OST's
  • Actors above age of 30
  • Actors that goes all in, deep dive in their characters
  • Consequent productions or scripts
  • brat-tamers
  • Spice borderline but NOT pron

Current top 20 (without within order)

  • KinnPorsche
  • Not Me
  • Pasta
  • We Best Love
  • Sign(manwha)
  • Aporia (manwha)
  • Hana Yori Dango
  • Fruits Basket
  • King of Baking
  • Loveless
  • Skip Beat
  • Junjou Romantica (team romantica)
  • Wandering Earth
  • Nana
  • Like in the movies

Hail the diversity-world! Wooho!!!

I pray for the day when HBTQI is the normal and everything hetero is the weird. 
Love should be celebrated, in all forms and ways. Everything else is just people being small minded. I doubt the aliens care, so why are people so invested in each others personal affairs? 
Have whatever faith you have,
Have whatever gender you align with
Love whomever you want
Work or study whatever you want
Even if 1000people maybe care what you do and have opinions, likely the rest billions don't. 
Don't hesitate and you do you! Be free!

*What is spice?
Non-censored romantic scenes with or without nudity (but not porn) but that shows or portraits intense passion.
It can be visual or just as dialogues.


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