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Hello! My name is Jade. I love watching rom-com, coming of age, youth or in school setting type of dramas. Occasionally, I would watch crime and thriller but not as often. My favorite kind of dramas are where the main leads are supportive of each other's dreams and find comfort in each other. Examples: Buzzer Beater (2009), Kikazaru Koi Niha Riyuu Ga Atte (2021), Twenty Five Twenty One (2021) and Love All Play (2022). I can handle very cliche tropes as long as I like the characters, or there are no love triangles involve. I never have second lead syndrome and probably never will but I would love to see a series that break that kind of curse for me. I mostly watch series from Korea, occasional Chinese dramas but I also been into Japanese drama recently. I also watch a lot of BL whenever I find a series interesting. Feel free to send me a friend request if you think we have the same taste in series.  You can find series that I finished this year in my list. 

*last updated on March 2023

I rated series based on ✨vibes ✨ alone and how much they affected me emotionally. My rating will mostly be ranging from 6-10. I don't usually bother rating series that are below 6 because I would have not finish them anyways. I would also dropped series just because I do not feel like I'm in the right headspace for it and and never look back. 

6 - meh i was not having fun watching it but i finish for the sake of finishing it.
7 - alright, there are things that I like and things that I wish could have been better
8 - i enjoy it but wish there were more of an emotional punch
9 - probably make me feel things but something is still not perfect
10 - nothing you can say to me will convince me otherwise i love it even with all the imperfections 


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