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The Netherlands


The Netherlands

Hello and welcome to my mydramalist-page~

My name is Babeth but I'm also known as Joonssi; because of Line Play. I'm 19 years old (that's considered noona to those BTS jailbaits /cries) and live in the Netherlands (yay, Yongguk likes my country more than I do) I'm still attending school and right now I'm doing Marketing & Communication. My dream is to be a student at the Leiden University and study Korea Studies -maybe one day, hopefully-

I enjoy watching KDrama and KMovies and use this site to keep track of what I watched and what I want to watch~ Sometimes it takes me a long, long time to finish a drama basically because I get distracted easily by the shittiest thing, hehe, my bad~ Most of the time I watch drama's and movies with my favorite kpop-idols in it but I'm also slowly getting obsessed with the actors -I have a weakness for actors-

           Top 5 favorite male groups:                                   Top 5 favorite female groups
           B2ST                                                                          After School
           EXO                                                                            f(x)
           Infinite                                                                        Girls' Generation
           SHINee                                                                       4minute


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