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Oregon, United States


Oregon, United States

i literally started watching kdramas as a joke. it was April 1st, 2015 and i didn't know what to watch and on a whim decided to start Boys Over Flowers cuz i was bored; i'd watched the anime and figured i'd at least be familiar with the basic story

before that, all i vaguely knew (or thought i knew) about kdramas was that they were tragic and always had sad endings. well, i was wrong. and there was no going back for me

i tend to love action romances the most, but a soft romcom is good for the soul

Ji Chang Wook's my fave and i wish Kim Seul Gi was my girlfriend tbh

i'm on twitter and i've got a kdrama tumblr (on hiatus) too; p.s. my name's Wallace, Wally for short 


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