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Just Between Lovers korean drama review
Just Between Lovers
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by Shivi
Feb 5, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This could be the shortest review I could write for a drama that's so good, because I'll surely ran out of words to express How beautiful this drama was. The only reviews that I write are either for the best or the worst, and this one is ofcourse the former.
Both characters in the story were such pro, that I never felt that I was watching a drama. Even the side cast was amazing. It was more like a depiction of real life story of 2 people who conquered their sufferings through love.  Best features about this drama being:
-No cliche
-Realistic plot
-Amazing cast and their acting
-Chemistry b/w the leads
-Every emotion will make your heart skip a beat

Worst features being:
-basically nothing
-still nothing
-Im running out of synonyms of nothing so someone need to help here.

Things I learned from this drama:
Laughing is happiness,
Shouting is madness.
Sharing is kindness,
Loving is affectionateness,
Crying is sadness.
A human being has bundles of emotions, how can u expect someone to suppress them and remain expressionless?Always smiling doesn't heal things, but expressing them do ????????

I believe my review would encourage viewers to watch it, I'm sure people won't regret their decision. If you like it plz let me know how u felt????????????, in case u don't, I'll take the blame so u can curse me too????????????.
CAUTION: as explained earlier too that I seriously don't write fake reviews. I really had hard time in start, because of those sugar-coated sweet reviews from users on other sites, while in actual the drama was complete sh*t. The writers ain't giving me money to write good reviews or else my reviews list and my bank account both would had been full????????????????. M just helping sensible users and MDL people????????

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