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Storyteller and aspiring author. I'll watch anything that appeals to me. You may find me out in the wild being enthusiastic.

I rarely rate below a 7.5, because – with few exceptions – I don't tend to finish stories I don't at least partially like.

1-7: I didn't like this very much at all. I'll rarely think about these, if at all. My emotional connection to the story is low, though as the numbers go up, I may be able to fault them less on a technical level, or there may be elements I like.

7.5-8.0: There may be elements of the whole I liked, but as a story - I felt like it was weak. I'll think about these sometimes.

8.5: I liked this story, though I know it's got outstanding flaws – or I didn't feel a particular emotional attachment to it, but couldn't fault it on a story level. I think about it sometimes.

9: I found a great deal of meaning in this. I may not consider it a favourite, but I feel an emotional attachment to it – I'll think about what it gave me as a story first before I think about anything else.

9.5: Favourites – they may have faults I'll recognise, but I would – without a single doubt – call this one of my favourites.

10: The closest a story can get to faultless to me. I adore these dramas and films, think about them and draw on them greatly as a source of inspiration.


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