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Welcome to my profile. I love learning new things about cultures and try my best not to base my knowledge on stereotypes. As someone who grew up in a developing country I watched the movies my country made and American and British movies and TV shows at the same time. Then Spanish telenovela started to air with English dubbed. I wish i heard the real language at that time :(. My intro to all things Asian started when. I watched my first Bollywood movie at 14, I was called Kal kissne Dehka 

I don't know what i loved about it but it was so new to me and charming. Now that I think about it, it wasn't that awesome but it will always be special for me. I moved to the United states and still watched Hollywood movies and Bollywood. I watched Disney and nick shows to know the popular culture so I would be well informed. At 17 (three years ago), I discovered Anime and K-drama. I almost gave up on kdrama after watching Boys over flower (I didn't really like the story in the anime and though the kdrama was charming I thought they would be the same) but Gaksital and my love from the stars pulled me back in. I broadened my horizon to Jdrama, Thai, Taiwanese drama, chinese e.t.c. 

I am now more of a kpop person My ultimate group right now is BTS (If you haven't noticed)


  • I would't describe myself as a mature person who knows everything. I would be willing to learn and try my best not to have ETHNOCENTRISM and looking down on others!! 
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  • As much as I talk a lot about Kpop, I do have drama's that I hold dear like Gaksital , city hunter, faith, liar game, Nodame Contabile, Reply 1994. Journey of the flower Sotus the series. 
  • Feel free to recommend drama's to me :)
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