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The moon


The moon


(I wrote this profile years ago but I love it too much to change it too much<3)

Also the actress in my profile pic is Zhao Li Ying


Welcome to my profile. My name is Steph. I love learning new things about cultures and try my best not to base my knowledge on stereotypes. As someone who grew up in a developing country I watched the movies my country made and American and British movies and TV shows at the same time. Then Spanish telenovela started to air with English dubbed. I wish i heard the real language at that time :(. My intro to all things Asian started when. I watched my first Bollywood movie at 14, I was called Kal kissne Dehka (My fave Bollywood movie still remains to be Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani though)

I don't know what i loved about it but it was so new to me and charming. Now that I think about it, it wasn't that awesome but it will always be special for me. I moved to the United states and still watched Hollywood movies and Bollywood. I watched Disney and nick shows to know the popular culture so I would be well informed. At 17 (almost 10 years ago), I discovered Anime and K-drama. I almost gave up on kdrama after watching Boys over flower (I didn't really like the story in the anime and though the kdrama was charming I thought they would be the same) but Gaksital and my love from the stars pulled me back in. I broadened my horizon to Jdrama, Thai, Taiwanese drama, chinese e.t.c. 

I am now more of a kpop person My ultimate group right now is BTS (If you haven't noticed). Been stanning them for 7yrs. 


I also a casual fan the cast of kinnporsche and a full on Stan of MileApo and highly recommend kinnporsche the series.



I wouldn't describe myself as a mature person who knows everything. I would be willing to learn and try my best not to have ETHNOCENTRISM and looking down on others!! 

With the recent world events dramas have been one of the safe places for me to escape to. 

Aside from dramas my hobbies are gaming, Stanning BTS, and just vibing :D 

I mostly game on PC but I sometimes play on PS4 and the switch

My all time favorite games are sims 3, sims 2, mass effect trilogy and dragon age origins

As much as I talk a lot about Kpop, I do have drama's that I hold dear. Check out my fave dramas collection here:

Feel free to recommend drama's to me :)



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