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Love Returns korean drama review
Love Returns
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by Yoliw
May 31, 2018
120 of 120 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Love Returns was a beautiful family drama, yeah a family drama. So the story will focus not only for main couple, but also the people around them. If we are fans of main couple, we will be so annoyed because supporting role get many screentimes too. So before watch this one, you have to accept other characters too. Many people say it doesnt look good because they demand main couple interaction which is not the main point in this show. When you start to enjoy the whole character, you will know how good this drama is.

Yeah, THE MAIN COUPLE is the cutest couple that ive ever seen on drama. Lee Sungyeol and Pyo Yejin have a very great chemistry, showing us that the lovely couple not always about kiss, cheesy word, etc. I learn the power of love when they help and support each other a lot. They have their own problem but they resolve it together and it makes their love become strong. Sungyeol portrayed Hong Seokpyo so well, i can feel his pain and longing of mom and admire his CEO aura. Pyo Yejin is great actress too, her acting is so natural and it blend well with Sungyeol. Their acting as a couple doesnt look like an acting, it looks real hahahha. Cool!

When watching this series, i often ask my self, what is definition of humanity i know all this time. Because i always found my self angry and dissapoint whenever the villains get their way easily, meanwhile OTP and their family always unhappy and unlucky. And finally the whole story make me realize that all of relationship deserve healing. So, instead of want them to be punished, i learn how people can be changed and forgiven. Love returns all of things to where they belong.

I respect all of senior actors!

I realized that the difference between daily drama and weekly drama. Daily drama airing every mon-fri, so they have to rush the production. So they will use a very standard of cinematography. The angle of camera and editing are so usual and standard. They often filiming on studio too. Thats why for daily drama, you have to good acting to cover the lack of setting, editing, etc. I appreciate the actors dan production team more for this :)

Overall, for my first daily drama, love returns was good.

Hope can see main couple on screen again. I think Yejin will appear on Why Secretary Kim, i want to support her.


Aah, one more, this drama has many beautiful OST!

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