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                                                               Bla bla bla:

* 1st entrance: After a long time I found out that "Coffee Prince" wasn't my first drama - it was "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge"! ~ It's jdrama and it's based on manga. I watched it while knowing nothing about dramaland... Ah, those were good, lazy days...  ;D

* I'm really sensitive when it comes to voices. Some ppl no matter how good they are in acting or singing, don't work for/on me - main example (unfortunately) is Kang Ji Hwan. Eh, such a pity.

* 2014.09.24 - uh, my days are definitely too short... So many dramas so little time;p

* 2015.01.10 - Yay! It was New Year's Eve with a big BOOM for me!;) I wish the same happiness for all of you, MDL users and I really hope for some new, great pearls in drama world in this year.  Chears!

* 2015.01.14 - Oh, oh, oh!!! I'm finally up to date with "Running Man". Ah maaan, it's so addictive!

* I'm from minority here, because I don't listen k-pop. Yes. But recently I watched some Block B's music videos and they were super cool;p

* 2015.02.01 - Grrrr next addiction added - variety show "Roommate2". Just love those silly ppl <3

* Ok - it's about Heo Young-Ji from Kara. ...What is it with her? She isn't a beauty beyond imagination nor my perfect man, but somehow... because of her I finally understand what "bias" means XD -  Youngji!!! hwaiting!!!!! ;p

* 2015.07.15 - I have some new favourite actors. Among them Shin Sung Rok is beyond any lists;)

* 2015.10.30 - As I watch less and less kdramas nowadays, I've noticed that I choose mostly comedies with very strange or silly humour. I don't even look at genres like drama, real life, etc.. Life is too full of sad things anyway. ...Aaaa! I think we're growing up!;D ~ Happy Halloween Muahahaha

* 2017.01.07 - It was only one year and kdramas evolved like crazy! They are so well done!

AH! And GONG YOO IS BACK!!! XD  (oh, oh, calm down girl, let's wait for more episodes.. ooooh, but Goblin looks so good.. NO! just wait! don't get tempted - you know what will happen if you do! ..ahhh) ;P


  • "It's useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one."
  • - Terry Pratchett

  • "Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."
  • - Vivian Greene

  • "Shit happens."
  • - Forrest Gump ;)


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