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Poly-Kiwi-Aussie Momma Here!!

Born in a beautiful Polynesian Island

Raised and educated in the land of the "All Blacks" New Zealand

Lived Life to the fullest, found career and love, made beautiful babies and living in Australia 

KDramas changed my life (3 years ago) but I can't say it was for the better..

My son has been a kpop and kdrama lover since high school (7 years ago). I was never into it and always wondered what the big fuss was. That was until I watched "Angel Eyes"... fell in love with it became more curious about these well made, sleep suckers of shows.

My 2nd drama was "Seyoung My Daughter" which ultimately drained all my soul & energy. I couldn't understand why a show would make me feel soo involved and yet so lovey dovey. 

"Secret Gardenultimately made me fall in love with Bin Huyn and his infamous track suit!!  

Since then my eyes now have lotsa bags from lack of sleep.. My social life...uhm what social life??

My life has been turned upside down!

I now found asian men good looking especially Korean ones..lolz

What the hell happened here???? 

Also KissAsian is my go to site.


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