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another world


another world
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Jun 6, 2023
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A series that feels like HOME

I will always remember this beautiful series. You will find human feelings and learning. It is a nice reminder to sacrifice, love and trust others, and take care of your health. What I liked and influenced the most are the women of this series, starting with the mother of the teacher’s wife Rin, who is a cohesive and wise woman, then her daughter, who sacrifices from For her love, who is her husband, she is a responsible and sacrificial woman. Sun Tou tou never had parents to teach her about love and other things, but she would sacrifice herself for her friends and others. She puts other people's happiness before her own.and The scene of Rubica who learned medicine to save others while trying to help the woman who hates Rubica and thinks she is the cause of her husband's death to give birth, a great great scene that I will never forget the. women helping each other and feeling each other's wounds because they are women like each other, Ming Ming and the paralyzed girl where they felt and loved each other because they felt the same connection and pain, also the mother of the paralyzed girl and the owner of the accident became friends after they forgave each other and forgave .when she gave up A traitorous person found another loyal one, as it was said in the series, God takes, but he also gives. I cannot describe in words the extent of my admiration and love for this series, it is a series that I would like to make my husband and children watch, I will feel empty but also in communication, later in my life I will re-watch the series or some episodes so as not to forget, except to forget to be tolerant and kind and to love And tell others my love, soon heartwarming ?

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