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dramaland | semi hiatus :(


dramaland | semi hiatus :(

about me: 

  • business major
  • canadian
  • 98 liner
  • i love astrology | ♐︎☼ ♏︎☽ ♊︎↑
  • i also love kpop  (yeri is my ult bias; full list here)
  • all time favourite dramas: age of youth and while you were sleeping
  • other than asian dramas i really love game of thrones and the 100 eliza taylor is the loml
  • links: tvtime twitter myanimelist

i love making friends so feel free to shoot me a message any time!!

currently watching:

  •  weightlifting fairy kim bok joo 

i don't really have an actual rating system in place, i just rate it based on how much i liked a drama...

  • what i like in dramas: 
    • captivating plots
    • happy endings
    • beautiful osts !!!
    • good chemistry between leads
    • adorable friendships !!
    • beautiful scenery
    • well written characters
    • i don't mind cliches unless it's demeaning to the female lead
    • genres/tags: rom com, drama, friendship, coming of age, college/school life, strong female lead, dorky male lead, fantasy, cohabitation, contract relationship, youth, happy ending
  • what i dislike in dramas: 
    • love triangles (unless they're done correctly lmao)
    • second lead syndrome
    • dramas that drag too much and move too slowly (i have a terrible attention span)
    • bad acting
    • misogynistic male leads or female leads that comply with that kind of behaviour
    • dramas with too many episodes (i usually won't watch anything over 25 episodes)
    • cdramas... i don't have anything against them but i haven't liked any that  i've seen and again, it's too many episode :/
    • characters that learn nothing and don't develop throughout the series
    • dramas with endings that don't make sense and disappoint bc of the high expectations created in the plot build up... 
    • genres/tags: rich/poor, ab*se, no romance, love square/polygon, naive female lead, gender benders, bullying, annoying second leads/ex returns

yes i'm very picky and this is the reason my drop and on-hold list are longer than my completed dramas lol... but having said this, i am generally very easy going with ratings so they're usually higher than the mdl standard

note to self: don't check ratings before watching any drama to avoid biased perception


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