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watching BL in the corner of my room


watching BL in the corner of my room
Deal Lover thai drama review
Deal Lover
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by Unpopularopinionbydemand
Dec 2, 2021
5 of 5 episodes seen
Overall 5.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 3.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Not Confused but Disoriented

I read the comments to get an overall audience view of this series, in which most of them were negative, but I was still willing to give this a chance. I need to start paying more attention to these opinions, cause I really sat through 5 episodes of complete garbage (and I say that in the nicest way possible.) Deal Lover had to be some of the crappiest acting I've seen in a while, with an unlikeable Het couple and straight-as-all-get-out BL pairing.

Let's Dive In.

I was actually pretty intrigued by the synopsis. I didn't hate the first episode; sure, it carried on longer than need be, the first 15 minutes are boring as hell, and the acting is already atrocious, but I looked past all that so that I could really dip my toes into the characters, and I actually wasn't too disappointed. Except it continues to get worst with every episode.

First is the plot. So different, something I was enthralled about before even watching, but sadly the execution is sad -- embarrassing even. I wanted them to do more with the grandma than they did. They kind of just made her look like a crazy old woman than a person dealing with Alzheimer's. They should've dove deeper into this disease and put parts of its attributed into the series. The grandma was passed as just goofy and forgetful, and it really did hurt. More with the plot, they had such a unique concept and didn't use it like they were supposed to. So boring, I mean EXTREMELY boring. I don't care to watch Milan vlog, or do anything, to be honest. Most of the het shit is them feuding and then not. I started skipping their parts mid-third episode. (They got married.... after 7 days...??)

That's another poor decision of this series. You can't take any of these relationships seriously cause they've all started in the span of three days, two nights. No one's relationship was nice to watch knowing that they just met only a few hours before. Both couples are rushed fast as hell and try to seem so in love, but it passes as delusional and lowkey obsessive.

Onto the BL pairing. I really have no words. Both actors look catastrophically uncomfortable around each other and like they were held at gunpoint to be in this. They had a good amount of BL tropes, but all were very poorly acted, and again, cringe as hell. I'll give props to Tam's actor though -- his acting wasn't all that great, but it was inferior compared to Tokyo's who looked like his dad dragged him there. So bad. So bad that I don't know how anyone else wasn't casted. Their relationship was rushed, all their lines were so bland and boring, and their acting was just the rotten cherry on top. The only part I found seemingly cute was when Tam grabbed Tokyo's face and THAT'S IT.

Production is last cause I have to scream about this. I've seen lower-quality budget films do 100x better than whatever the freak this was. Yes, this series was also low-budget, but that does not give this series an excuse for the poor editing and terrible amount of continuity errors. this series is really something else. Usually, production is decent, but with this series, it felt lower than mediocre. Sad, just really sad.

Some other things that might just be me: did anyone feel like they cut the camera to add tears to Tam's face?? Like his tears looked fake, I can't explain it, I really can't. Din does not pass as a chef at freaking all, more like a kid in a costume. Milan being a high-key homophobic?

Overall, I don't recommend this show. Had I also realized this was a side BL, I would've never tuned in in the first place. I love seeing small series like this with new faces, especially in Thailand when they have other series to go up against like ones from Studio Wabi-Sabi and GMMTV. I usually root for the underdogs, but this was just a complete disappointment. This series needed to have done some regrouping before this shit, Lord have Mercy.
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