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Perfect Couple
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by Ayuuie

Oct 13, 2014
45 of 45 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: This is probably one of the fluffiest romance comedies I have ever seen. It's basically about a couple that coincidentally gets married due to some certain circumstances. Of course, along the way we have another couple who happen to be intertwined with the whole situation. It strongly focuses on the relationship of the main couple which I believe is the charm to the whole drama. Seriously... who cares about the overall plot... we're here to see this absolutely hilariously adorable couple - Wallace and Tiffany! Acting/Cast: I love seeing Wallace and Tiffany on screen together! They made the most adorable couple ever! They were hilarious and had amazing chemistry. I enjoyed almost all their scenes together - from the hilarious bickering to the sweet lovey doveyness. Some parts were heartbreaking to watch though T_T But of course, we need all that drama - but sometimes I just can't understand how a guy can have the heart to act so cold and cruel to the girl he loves! *sigh* This couple and the way they acted kind of reminded me of Alec and Vicki in Princess Pearl - their personalities are actually both quite similar The second couple was actually a little boring for me to watch - again, very similar to Zhou Jie and Ruby in Princess Pearl. Even alot of the situations were very similar. I cringed though at Gong Mi's acting.. I'm not sure who she is but everytime she talks her eyebrows will move oddly O.o and that kind of bothered me. Thank god she wasn't on screen all that much! Music:I loved the music in this drama. The opening theme was quite catchy and bubbly, whereas the ending theme was beautiful and and emotional. I loved the ending theme alot and I can still hear it playing in my head now. I also loved how they played the female version during the later episodes - it was a totally different feeling with the same emotions (don't really know how to explain XD) I remember a few other insert songs that were modernised with the oriental music. A type of genre I really enjoy actually. One particular song that cracks me up is the 'bouncy' background music that they play whenever they (I think it's mostly Tiffany) acts all goofy and stuff. It really adds on the comedic effect. Rewatch Value: I don't usually have time to rewatch dramas but in this case, I would rewatch all the scenes between Wallace and Tiffany. It would be amazing if someone actually cut all their scenes and made it into one big video. I'm sure that video will bring a big smile to my face whenever I need that extra cheering up! Overall: I know I mentioned love alot already, but I must admit, I LOVE this drama so much! I'm having some withdrawal symptoms already! The story wasn't anything spectacular, but I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. This was a very light and fluffy drama with lots of romance - and I loved that! From the very first episode I was quickly reminded of Princess Pearl and throughout the whole drama I could feel the same elements used. From the characters to the scenarios, I could see all the similarities... and since I loved Princess Pearl so SO much I couldn't help but adore this just as much - though the story was a lot weaker. Wallace and Tiffany are easily one of my biased couples now although Wallace and Joe are also my bias XD I'm torn!
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