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Hello everyone! 

frosty | 23 | INFJ |

    I'm Victoria but you can call me Frosty. I'm 23 and I live in Poland. I'm a 2nd-grade university student and my faculty is Korean Philology. In my free time, I love listening to music, watching movies, tv-series and kdramas. My favorite genres are crime (but not too scary), law, and romance.  I enjoy historical dramas as well. Besides watching, I also enjoy talking to people and drawing.
Of course, I'm a kpop stan. I'm a BTS and Loona stan but I listen to many groups, mostly ggroups.

I love getting to know people so feel free to PM me here or on other social media. (links below)
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2021 RATING EDIT: Lately, I've noticed that I always rank dramas that I watch very high. For the last few years, I watched so many different good dramas, I think some of them deserve more recognition,  but when I look at my list now I don't remember half of them and what they were about lol. By 2021 I'll try to use 5:5 ranking:
first 1-5 "acting section": actor's acting, how they portrayed characters, did I believe in the acting, etc
second 1-5 "story section": the story/plot, scenography, music*, time (if the plot is happening in the past does it look like*), directing,  was it interesting, or did I scroll my phone most of the time, etc
Ad *: if it necessary 

My notes may contain spoilers because I try to write there a few words about the drama, plot/what I liked the most


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