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Hey everybody!!!

My name is Amber. I'm 22 years old and I'm from the United States. I am completely addicted to asian dramas! Mainly k-dramas but I've delved into others as well XD

I started watching dramas in 2014, so I know it's not been that long and I haven't gotten to watch that many yet but just wait. I'm gonna catch up with all the dramas I want to watch eventually! My first drama that I ever started was Moon Embracing the Sun, but I'll be honest and say I never actually finished it. I wound up getting so excited over my love for that drama that I had to find others so I watched a ton of MV's on youtube and ended up moving on to other dramas. The drama I moved on to was Secret Garden and that's actually the first drama I ever finished so I guess you could say it holds a place in my heart. Although my favorite drama of all time is Healer!

I fell in love with asian dramas so much that I wound up creating a channel to make fan edits/MVs. I hope you'll check them out and like them!


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