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Hello hello hEllOo

About me:

> Chinese drama watcher (for practical reasons. I hate relying on subtitles and I do understand Chinese so Chinese dramas are simply the most convenient for me)

> Enjoy mostly dramas from the Xianxia/Wuxia/Historical genres but occasional modern dramas do grab my attention

> Looove Chinese variety shows in addition to dramas (check out my list!

> I rarely rate dramas and if I do I only rate 10s (check out my list!). This is because it's so hard for me to compare dramas and calculate the degree that I like something to the point value it deserves that I just skip that process entirely and say if I really really like it, then I rate it a 10. All my 10s are purely subjective of course. 

> I'm not a stickler for good CGI because I believe that CGI and visual effects are the least important for making a good drama. I would much rather focus on convincing acting and storyline because I believe it's easy to have good visual effects, but without good acting and a good story, you have nothing. Oh, and if the drama has good bgm that's also a plus (check out my list!). 


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