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My best kdrama
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HELLO everyone I am Zozy 

I am 19 years old now :) 

My first time with k-drama world in 2018 with Are you human too

but my very first k-drama I watched in 2013  with Rooftop prince

Also I am big fan of k-pop since i don't know when 

I love  big bang, bts , exo , super junior, f(x), blackpink, girls generation, 2ne1, shinee, Ateez, and lot more. 

but to be specific I am an Army <3 <3


My aim was to watch 100 dramas and I did it

now for 150 dramas so: 150/150 


maybe my next goal is 200 but it is not the number it is to enjoy what I am watching I was looking for numbers only but now I realized so if I didnt like a kdrama I wont complete even if it is good and if I like it I will complete it no matter what people say.  


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