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Birth of a Beauty Episode 19

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Han Min Hyuk forces Sara to cut off all contact with Tae Hee. Pushed into a corner, Sara has no choice but to go to her last resort.
  • Aired: January 04, 2015

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Jan 9, 2015

Errbod be hatin on Sa Geum Ran

So everybody finds out that everybody knows that Sara is Sa Geum Ran. FINALLY.

Excellent episode, during the last episode I was popping veins in my head anime styles because Sara was making me rage so hard.

This episode I came to love her again! because as she gets screwed over by everyone, she isnt being the baby who is crying in the corner with a crappy life, she is Taking it like a Lady, and being wonderfully poised and dignified in her forced solitude since everyone is turning one her. And FINALLY after all the knives she put in Han Tae Hee's back last episode ("for his own good") They both realised how the other feels. So Precious TT~TT

Han Min Hyuk on the other hand, is back to his terrible terrible self. Last episode I was rooting for him just a bit because Sara was being such a terror that I wanted them to end up together, and he is really adorable when he is in like/love. But then this episode he finally realises that Han Tae Hee will always win and be better than him no matter what, so he gets the rage on and starts plotting ways to make him miserable/dead.

Sara tells Jerk Kang Joon that she is different to him, and proves it by revealing to the press that she isnt who they think. Just enough information to wiggle out from under Han Min Hyuks thumb, and also just enough to make everybody else dance to her tune ^_^

We get to see Han Tae Hee and Sara's relationship in fast reverse as he tries to find her. After all that has happened it feels like getting "married on Christams Day" is so far away now... TT~TT

In the end, everythnig is back to how it should be. Miserable couple is murder couple, happy couple is main couple, and forever alone is HanMin Hyuk. >_<

I am super excited for the Finale, its been an awesome ride! and will she ever get to open her restaurant?!?

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