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1.There is also a girl who wants to get slim because of her cheating boyfriend
2.The lead man is also some kind of a trainer
3.he is also a CEO of a big compani
4. Great humor u cant stop laughing
5.u will not regret watching both dramas :)

Have a nice drama day xD
Recommended by Saek0
Similar premise with roles reversed. I think Whos The One is more suitable for guys
Recommended by Timbone
Both of these drama have similar female character and they have the same vibe of happiness.
Birth of beauty is on a house wife transformation and how she finds love .
Recommended by Hazel kaya
Feeling wronged by their former significant other, the main leads of both dramas sought revenge through manipulation and charm with the help of a 'soon-to-be' romantic interest!
Recommended by chodinggyu
The main lead makes a complete makeover to revenge against the ones betraying them in the first place... complicated family and love matters are common in both. Temptation of an Angel is more tactical in the planning, while Birth of Beauty uses humor more
Recommended by KJDL
Changing a woman, making her more lovable to those around her. In both the result is made to make someone jealous.
Recommended by claudya87
The premise is quite similar. Get Karl tells the story of a man who wants to get back with his girlfriend so he has a make-over and becomes successful.
Recommended by claudya87
It made me think of the situation Ki Tae's mother had to go through and probably many other ahjummas around South Korea. While Sa Geum Ran is at the age where she can still change her life..there are many pitiful women around the world who lost their courage and live in pointless marriages because they're too afraid or have no other opportunities to start anew. With age come the problems..and it becomes harder to let go.
Recommended by claudya87
In both series the main lead is an eccentric immature man, both are romantic-comedies that involve a violent woman, both have the main female act all innocent when it comes to relationships.
Recommended by claudya87
Similar concepts. BOAB follows a woman in fulfilling her wish to become beautiful through plastic surgery.
Recommended by SaudiAraybia
Did you ever had that "ah, they're so twisted that they're perfect for each other" feeling while watching a couple?..if not, you'll have it watching both series.

In Rooftop Prince the evil woman is so good at playing her role that she convinces you to hate her with all your guts and pity her craziness, all at the same time. She gets you at the point where you love to hate her. Same goes with Gyo Chae Yeon, with the difference that she isn't as humane as Se Na.
Recommended by claudya87
It has a similar vibe.
Both of the main female lead go through being mistreated when they were "ugly" (I don't think they were ugly but you know).
Main lead slowly fall in love with the female lead.
Recommended by Nidhi
> Both main female leads get left
> Both main female leads take the help of the male leads to get back their husband/boyfriend.
> Both main leads live together while working on this plan.
> Both main leads fall in love with each other instead.
Recommended by Soju
Both female leads go through a dramatic weight loss change and aim to get revenge on their past lover.
Recommended by bbflakes
Plastic surgery causes memory loss for main character. Mystery and melodrama and romance ensue. Lots of secrets get revealed.
Recommended by ananna