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Birth of a Beauty Episode 20

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Tae Hee and Sara get back together to bring down their enemies. Sara books a talk show to be interviewed by Gyo Chae Yeon.
  • Aired: January 10, 2015

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Jan 12, 2015


boom boom Pow! this episode was full of SWEET DELICIOUS REVENGE! we FINALLY get to see the bad guys quaking again, and the Revenge Duo have reunited!!! and working the way they know is best, TOGETHER!!! TeacherXAhjumma Forever!!!

But i do feel like ahjumma's hair is getting a bit more wild and out of control as stuff happens, maybe its a wig, and its been the same wig the whole way through....

huehue adultery couple are at each others throats again, but this time Kang Joon aint havin none of it.

The BIG REVEAL WAS AWESOME, they usually drag it out and have too many things get in the way to do it, but with this one it was *BAM* "Gyo Chae Yeon is my husbands mistress" I Love it.

in this episode we also see a wonderful return of the complement game! I LOVED them playing that game before, it was so fun, but now they love each other >_< so its ridiculouser

woohoo they are both awesome fighters \o/ and they are both strong and wonderful and awesome now. No weakness!! I Love it, dramas usually dont end with anybody being awesome, its usually jsut "And then the main couple got together.. sort of... they are both still stupid though.." BUT that didnt happen here!! (yet, there is still one more episode)

Rather than feeling like there is another episode to watch, this episode felt like the first half of the final two hour long special XD Love it. Excited to see how this Ends! can't be anything but well~~

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