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High Society Episode 3

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Jun 16, 2015


This episode was the best episode yet. In my opinion. Which is good, because it means that the drama is constantly getting better.
At this point I am absolute in love with the second leads and their relationship. They're awesome together and I think that both of them need some character development (him more than her) before they would be perfect for each other. The only thing that could stand in their relationship right now is, that Chang Soo's parents will probably be against them dating and/or marrying each other. Which would be sad, because I don't want Ji Yi go through this again because she's a real sweetheart and a loyal soul. She'd deserve better. That's for the second leads.
The male leads future seems even less bright. Not (only) because Yoon Ha's parents would rather die than letting her marry a poor person, but because the leads themselves stand in their own way. And with that I mean that Joon Ki is insincere and a gold digger that needs to be put into place. With him being like this there's no future for this relationship and honestly I don't want this relationship to have a future, if he doesn't intend to improve. Yoon Ha deserves so much better. She's such a sincere and kinda naive person, that I don't want her first love to turn out to be dog poop.
Last but not least I want to appreciate the friendships in this drama. Both the girls' and the guys' friendship. Even though I know that there are too many secrets, lies and insincerity in them (especially the guys' friendship (I'm judging you Joon Ki. Because of you we can't have nice things)), but I believe that they'll somehow work this whole mess out in the course of the story. I WANT them too. Their friendships are so precious and are worth everything if they choose to fight for it.
This said I'm looking forward to the next episodes and I wonder how everything will (not) work out. Especially since I'm sensing that big brother might die. Which would make a lot of sense (nonsense) and which makes me very angsty. I don't want our leading lady to lose her only supporter in this shitty family.

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