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Like all of you I am here because this site is awesome to record the dramas/movies you have seen before, and to talk to other drama-lovers (if you're interested, here's also my MyAnimeList). Which is especially nice for all those people (including me) who don't have peeps they could share their obsession with. 


I have seen my first asian drama (Hana Kimi) about 8 years ago. From that time on I was kind of interested in dramas and have seen a few since then. But my real obsession started last year. The drama that finally made me hooked to dramas was Lie to Me


And that was also the drama that made me have a crush on Yoon Eun Hye (she was actually the reason I watched many more dramas after that. I loved her so much in LTM that I went looking for other dramas with her).


My preferred genres are comedy and romance and sometimes I also enjoy watching historical dramas. Otherwise I watch anything that sounds interesting and maybe has a nice cast. UNLESS it's a melodrama. I don't really like melodramas because in my opinion they are way too dramatic. I can't handle so much drama, although I have seen some melos that were really awesome. Actually most of my absolute favorites are melos.


There are still many dramas and movies I'd like to watch, but sadly my real life doesn't always allow me to watch as many dramas as I'd like to. So I have to content myself with this much.


If you have read this far and are interested in my tumblr-account, feel free to visit me there and leave me a message or something, if you're too shy to write me here. You can ask me whatever you want and I'll do my best in answering it. You can also find me on Twitter! With this I'll take my leave and wish you all a nice day!



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