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Kiss Me Episode 3

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Oct 28, 2015


So we finally get to me mama Tenten, and while she's basically the same character from her other versions I still enjoy her. The actress playing her is great and I like the chemistry she has with Taliw. That said the little brother of Tenten and his father all seem to be about the same. But I love all the actors playing them, they're so fun to watch and I feel like they make the role their own.

This episode I found it all very slow and boring. Maybe because now it's basically the same story you know. But then again I've never found the basic storyline behind this series fun. It's the added flourishes of the writers behind the scripts that make it truly interesting. The writers, to me, didn't seem to add anything to the story. Such as their brand of humor, character quirks, and so on. It felt lifeless.

I do enjoy watching Tenten and Taliw. I'm not sure what it is about Taliw, but I find her sooooo cute. Even as a few jokes about her "slow thinking" point out the emptiness of her head. I like to think she's happy because there's not much thought up stairs. Either way I enjoy watching both leads and I hope the writing team does a better job. They have to realize that there are sooooo many incarnates of this story that they need to make it their own. I felt like the first episode did a decent job of things, and now things are losing steam.

That said I did enjoy the small antics of some of the side characters. They all have their own little ticks and it's cute.

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