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Sep 2, 2016
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After reading some comments about this drama, I can see why this drama received lower ratings than what I gave. This is a drama you'll either love or hate because of the crazy cringe-worthy plot; most people will probably not like it though. It's basically a wishy-washy love triangle--who does the male lead really like? Without spoiling the drama, I'll try to explain the main reasons this drama was a crazy watch:

1. A ton of cliche incidents mixed together.
That can be a BIG turn off for sure. For me, I was fine with it because I have a weird taste in drama plots, but for many that may be quite annoying. Mainly I just really liked the sweet moments they brought. It made it feel like the female lead was Cinderella and all her hard work finally paid off.

2. Weak character development.
While there are sweet moments and changes to the characters in the middle, it's not enough. The female lead is always so submissive and considerate for others instead of herself, the male lead is too self-absorbed and is so wishy-washy, and the second female lead is just ridiculous. She's practically crazy, I would say. The most hate-able character isn't the second female lead... honestly it's the male lead. You just want to jump into the scene(s) and strangle him -.-

3. Speechless ending.
No matter who you ship, this ending will NOT be satisfying. In the end you'll be like, wtf are you serious...?? Basically, you put in your heart while watching and it feels like the writers toyed with your emotions completely!

TLDR; Great acting, crazy plot, speechless ending. For most/average drama watchers, this drama is just all over the place and not worth their time, but if you are a sucker for cliches (and the sweet moments that come shortly after) and don't mind the craziness then by all means go for it.

I would rewatch this drama but only the sweet moments and the sad moments with superb acting. This drama is only good for if you're bored out of your mind, not if you're looking for a good watch.

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