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Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

Fighter of the Destiny Episode 4

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  • Aired: April 18, 2017

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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 4 Reviews

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May 1, 2017

episode 4 spoilers ahead

1.Pope receives the message that Sheng is seeking an audience. In spite of his achievements, the Pope is not yet willing to see him because the boys actions show he is reckless and not really concerned about the consequences (in Sheng's defense his clock is ticking). Finally, the Pope sends him a leaf which teleport him to his garden. Here he learns that Sheng wants G. Academy opened again because none of the other academies will have him. Pope also points out that Sheng would not even have a teacher. In the end, Pope agrees to grant him entry and urges him to read the books but it seems this is as far as he is willing to go to help him.

2.Teacher Xin (as Sheng calls him) leads him into the dusty and abandoned G. Academy and gives him the key. He informs him that he is not to use the key and urges him to read as many books as he can (I assume in order to pass the Imperial Examination). He tells him he should aim for the Top 43.

3.Meanwhile, Rong'er and Quishan visit the empress. After basic formalities (how are you,etc.) She explains to the empress she is searching for the key to Zhou Garden but has been slow to do so because of the demons tailing her.

4.Meanwhile, Sheng begins by trying to locate his 'star' something his shifu told him would be helpful. From observation it looks like an uncomfortable practice of some kind of cultivation. He fails often. Elsewhere, Madame Xu discusses her surprise that Sheng was able to open G. Academy but concludes he is extremely reckless to stir 'up the hornet's nest' and for now will watch.

5.There is a brief flashback to 19 years ago and we see a thriving hall. Back in the present 36 arrives with some 'second hand' gifts--magic tools--that clean up the place (Not only do I need these they remind me of robotic vacuums). The place is restored to its formal glory. Sheng explores the academy library but hasn't committed to studying anything yet. He continues to search for this star.

7.Elsewhere, Princess Bai Lu Heng awakens (in a pretty awesome room) to a scent. She teleports to an unknown location (the imperial city?) using the bug that black gown wants. There she encounters the top demon assassin who has the demon smoke. It prevents her from leaving. It looks like she might lose in spite of her excellent skill and many magic weapons but she hears someone telling her how to act--and then appears Sheng. He has memorized the type of form that the assassin is using, so he can predict his moves. The demon leaves, and Bai Lu Heng's uncle shows up...

8.Uncle lectures her, but she can't stop thinking about Sheng. Meanwhile, the assassin returns home and is visited by his...wife and child? He says goodbye and sees black gown (I wonder if back gown is a woman because he is pretty short and slim--maybe he is Rong'er? Or Bai Lu?) Black gown essentially tells him that the next time he may not return because the empress will strengthen her guard, but assassin is willing to make that sacrifice.

9.The Princess Bai Lu awakens. Sheng is giving her acupuncture. She wonders how he knew all those moves and again, he essentially reveals he has a photographic memory (though he does not say that) and impresses her uncle. Her uncle lectures her to be careful.

10.Later, Princess visits Sheng with many gifts (pearls, medicine, rare books)--she begs him to let her be his student, clinging to his leg after he denies (aww). I think he rejects these gifts (WHY???) She continues to follow him, and she may have a crush on him I don't know. She is with him when he runs into the bear prince, who clearly falls in love with her. She sticks so close to him she even falls asleep on him (awwww). The empress wants her to go into the palace but she does not....

11.Sheng is bathing when people break into his bath...and the episode ends.

Comments: I found this episode to be a little boring. Nothing seemed to advance the plot, other than him being reuinted with Princess Bai and Sheng having an opportunity to demonstrate his skill in battle. I think the acting is descent, especially since the actors are so young; the script may or may not be the determining factor in me sticking with this show. Still, it is too early to tell as many shows start out a little slow to build up so I will keep watching. I hope the supporting characters receive the amount of attention and development as the main characters (often shows I think are ruined when the supporting characters are reduced to 1 dimensional archetypes)---I need to pin down my rating system so for me a show that is in the 7 range is not that interesting (kind of like the show you put on in the background and half watch)

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