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Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

Fighter of the Destiny Episode 5

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  • Aired: April 19, 2017

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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 5 Reviews

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May 1, 2017

episode 5 spoilers ahead

Comments: I am in a strange fix: the acting for the show is decent. But the script isn't very impressive (no I have not read the novel). I am worried it will run the risk of not balancing comedy with drama. Currently, the main characters and supporting cast remind me a little bit of teenagers inexperienced with reality because some of the antics remind me of some of the stuff I might have done when I was 14. Now, this could reflect the age of the protagonist in the novel; however the actors all look to be 20. see the inconsistency. Maybe the directors could have considered using younger actors and a time skip? Am I being overly critical? I don't think so because while they (the actors) work hard, our time is valuable (some of us have day jobs) and I don't want this to turn into a show that is mediocre. I will hang on for a few more episodes and let them establish plot. A couple of things happened in this episode to advance plot but it is moving very slowly.

1.We open to Sheng in his bath, appearing (naturally) startled that someone has hacked a hole in the wall surrounding the Academy (and into his bathing area). Unlike other male characters introduced in the series, he is extremely shy when Princess Bai Lu emerges. She is startled too (so she did not know his bath was there) but maintains her cool, and pretends to study the sky as she explains very casually that she only meant to build a gate (I like that she doesn't even blush, and I like her awkward response. I can relate; in her shoes I would also play dumb).

2.Sheng immediately departs to 36's home and asks him if he can stay for a bit. He explains he cannot go home (perhaps he has come to some strange conclusions about Bai Lu). Oddly, it seems like he is coming on to him as he asks to sleep in his room (is that a fan service for the BL fans?)(Given his genius personality, I was hoping he would adapt cold sarcasm but at this point it is safe to say that he is the warm, friendly genius type who shyly doesn't know what to do with the opposite sex, probably because of his sheltered life up to this point).

3.Meanwhile, Rong'er appears to be one with nature as she meditates, a giant bird is just hanging out next to her, and she receives an origami message. She is notified of her engagement, that Sheng stopped by, and instead of being upset like her parents, she seems to be excited. Her father visits her and explains that while Sheng stopped by, he is coarse and unrefined and unsuitable for her. He also explains he is staying at G. Academy. She tells him to him no harm and decides to pay him a visit.

4.Outside of the academy, Yuan Po (bear clan) is sweeping. Upon seeing him, she politely says while she came to see an old friend she has since decided to lead a secular life (she seems to have changed her mind? unless I misunderstood. So Rong'er has some standards and isn't as perfect as she appears. She has become more interesting). In typical drama fashion, Sheng emerges the moment she leaves.

5.Elsewhere, Quishan encounters three of the seven demon assassins (Youzhou, Yuanfei, Xuanming) we don't see him destroy them but he reports to the empress, with his weapons, that he has reduced their number to four (Apparently he killed them all, which INFURIATES ME because I really don't like it when one side seems to be unreasonably overpowered. It makes me sympathize with the demon sect, who is living in caves and it makes me think that the so-called good guys are oppressors). Anyways, the empress names the other four assassins: Quiniv, Wumian, Lian, and Yeshi Taniv (he is the demon smoke guy).

6.Meanwhile, Ya'er encounters Yuan Po and immediately proceeds to prove that he is in fact, a bigger ass than we initially thought. For no reason at all he decides that Ya'er must vacate the market and proceeds to use his power to 1)have his lackeys hold 2)dislocate(?) his shoulder and brag that he, as the Empress's nephew, should be obeyed. Fortunately, Princess Bai Lu arrives and is indifferent to his behavior. She explains that she is not the type of person to listen to reason and she hates him--she dislocates his arm herself and explains she is the only princess of the beast kingdom (meaning she is a higher rank) he apologizes but she doesn't want to hear it. He runs off.

7.They plan to visit Sheng but Yeshi Taniv attacks. Princess is critically wounded when she takes a hit for Yuan Po (Taniv also explains he wants to finish this up to rejoin his family, so he isn't evil if he has people he loves). Mo Yu arrives and is able to run him off. They go to Sheng who explains that it doesn't look good (he also learns her meridians are blocked). He uses the medicine his shifu gave him (every time he uses it, his life is shortened) and promises to make her his disciple before healing her. I think her meridians are healed.

8.Meanwhile, Yeshi Taniv runs into Rong'er (an old woman is slowly walking by in a rather surreal scene). He tries to attack her but she sends him to the ground. Her sword remains pointed at the old lady until she disappears (we learn later this woman is Wumian). Rong'er sheaths her sword, and we don't know if she is going to arrest Yeshi or help him (I am on the boat that she might black gown or that there is more to her than meets the eye because her character is way to boring).

9.Princess Bai sends a letter to the empress and tells her that her palace is boring (she drew a picture) and she is remaining with her new shifu (this letter had me rolling my eyes and cringing it felt extremely out of place. I would have liked to see Bai simply not report/show up or directly tell her and then teleport away this was just too childish and seemed inconsistent with her character)

10.Sheng continues to practice finding his sword and succeeds (he doesn't no it yet but it is in a big way). He finds a red star. We go to the Beast King/Empress and they look at the star and note that it is a red Erebus light, and that is owner is a person of great power and meant to do great good. Then we go to Empress & Mo Yu who say basically the same thing. The empress sends Mo Yu to find him.

11.36 gifts Sheng with a pair of wings but takes them back after Sheng points out all of its flaws. He flies away, and is knocked out of the sky by Mo Yu. 36 proceeds to pose seductively (this was actually amusing and is consistent with his character) and essentially flirts with her. This only angers Mo Yu, who slaps him and storms off. 36 goes back to Sheng and proceeds to tell him how a beauty wanted him so badly she knocked him out of the sky and then tried to steal his virginity (an infuriated Mo Yu overhears this and bursts in) and 36 then hides behind Sheng and says 'you see, she followed me!'

12.Mo Yu has found the guy she is looking for...?

--I gave the show a 7.5 because they advanced the plot a little. Since we are at episode 5 and not a lot has happened I am going to rate it according to plot advancement/story since we have already established the acting is descent and we have established that the sets/costumes are descent. Again, anything in the 7 area for me means that it is okay but not super engaging.--

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