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Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

Fighter of the Destiny Episode 6

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  • Aired: April 19, 2017

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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 6 Reviews

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May 2, 2017

episode 6 spoilers ahead

I am sorry but my guide will be shorter than normal because I not liking this show...

1.Mo Yu visits with Rong'er and they discuss the Zhou Garden incident. We can confirm that none of the bodies were recovered, so everyone is assumed dead. Mo Yu asks if she has met Sheng, and Rong'er confirms. She proceeds to tell her that she believes he has bad intentions, essentially relying on his close relationship with Luo Luo to slander him. She reports she has no interest in him. We learn that Mo Yu (and by default the Empress's) believes that she, with her phoenix blood, is only worthy of nobility although Rong'er insists she has no interest in romance. In addition to this, she states her destiny is loneliness (so....boring....who wants to be alone? she could have said she simply wishes to pursue a single life, but loneliness?)

2.Rong'er maintains some communication with Sheng, sending him notes that we cannot read because it is not interpreted but based on Sheng's reaction it must be her telling him she doesn't want to be with him because he wishes her peace. Elsewhere, 36 expresses confidence that Sheng will rank 1 during this exam.

3.Our hero is a computer, able to read dozens of books at once, we learn. 36 believes he likes Luo Luo but Sheng clearly does not (he is going to like Rong'er who is like an ideal of feminine beauty from 100 years ago....did I guy write this novel?)

4.Rong'er, meanwhile, speaks to Quiyan and they update each other on the fact that the assassinations are done. She is going to question survivors of Zhou garden, he will question demons.

5.While gathering herbs, Sheng runs into Rong'er. (remember, she doesn't know his true identity). He treats her the same as he treats everyone else. She returns and spends time with him. He is able to make her laugh (I think it is important to note that he, out of everyone alive, can make her smile and laugh).He teaches her things about plants, basically tells her to stop worrying.

6.Elsewhere Luo Luo ignores her Shifu's orders and trains (oh apparently her meridians aren't fixed) she spits up blood. Apparently beast clan people have less meridians than humans. She gets lectured.

7.Xuaunhui is going around trying to find the survivor from Zhou Garden, running amok. Eventually Rong'er is captured, along with Sheng. It seems her blood is needed for a phoenix pill.

-I skipped through a lot because this episode was painfully boring.

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