Princess Agents



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both involve an awesome female lead that's good at fighting, is highly intelligent, and good at revenge.
Recommended by TheGrowlingStomach
Both dramas are surprisingly good.
The cutie Yue Qi from princess agents is the male lead in the eternal love.
The eternal love is a mini online series that can save y'all from the drama slump after watching princess agents.
Cuz we are all so tired out from Yu wen yue and Xinger's slowly brewed romance. The romance in the eternal love is like instant coffee. It will make you swoon cuz Yue Qi is about to teach his Yu Wen Yue how love is suppose to be done.
Recommended by Shelly
8.0 Maids (2014)
I know they're different genres since one revolves around war and the other about the injustices slaves go through, but there are A LOT of similarities.

-Both female leads start off as lowly maids even if they weren't originally and were actually part of a higher class (in Maids she loses her status and in PA she loses her memory).
-Both female leads fight for justice and especially for the rights of the poor.
-They are both alone against the whole world basically.
-A cold male lead that hardly ever smiles.
-Romance that is important but isn't, however, the main focus.
-Female lead falls in love with the second male lead and hates the male lead at first.
-Good second male lead that becomes evil and corrupted towards the end but he still loves the female lead.
-In both dramas there's a depiction of the lives of maids and slaves who are treated badly because of the powerful nobles.
-Female lead is strong and isn't crazy in love with anyone.
-Second female lead is a noble in Maids and a Princess in PA and is in love with the second male lead.
-Delusional second female lead who was once nice but became evil, trying to make the female lead's life a hell bc of her love for the second male lead.
-Awful noble people are present in both.
-Once the female lead begins to trust the male lead, she discovers something that makes her lose her trust in him.
Recommended by Alekwang
Both female leads are badass, strategic, and can fight
Both are excellent spies
Both female leads do not need men saving them,
rather they are the ones saving others.
Male leads are similar too in that they don't treat the females as delicate flowers. Instead, they train them to develop their potential, and treat them as equals.
Definitely recommend!
Recommended by coming_dreams
I've been jumping around (skipping scenes in) Princess Agents a lot so sorry if this is completely a completely off recommendation..
but some of the character personalities are very similar.

XE is like QingSuo- others controlling their life, losing memory of their past, stuck in love triangle, stuck with someone who they kinda hate but end up loving

Yu WenYue similar to Yu WenYong (yeah even their names are similar)- royalty, cold on the outside and warm on the inside, always mistaken by their love
Recommended by charmongo
Similar books themes. Rising up despite enemies pushing you down and plotting against you.
Recommended by Alicia W
Firstly, both dramas share the same female lead. They are also based on Historical Era. Just like Princess Agents, The Journey Of Flower also has the occasionally plot to frame the main lead. Although the plots are completely different in a sense that it isn't about slavery or time travel, they are still excellent Chinese dramas. Ps. I wrote this because I'm reminded of how playful Zhao Zanilia is in The Journey Of Flower, she is a great actor. Also I may sound weird but,.... I hope she finds a partner soon. Ps,s I'm saying this because it doesn't say she has a spouse on Google if you search up her name. Don't quote me!!!, Ps.S.S, I'm loving this drama despite the fact that it's such a distraction while I'm doing homework.
Recommended by EmpyreanConqueror
- It shows the same thing about a girl who survive in the cruel world by herself.
- The power of woman who are smart person.
- Fun to watch.
Recommended by Chan Buntith
> Another historical drama (WW2 era)
> Zanilia Zhao main lead
> Badass female lead
> Fights to win war (RAR) ~ whereas in PA she fights to get rid of slavery.
Recommended by Soju