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Andante Episode 2

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2 days ago

Shi Kyung is basically a Korean Axel Heck and I'm actually okay with it.

I don't know why this show is getting the reviews it is getting on here, because it is far more then I thought it was going to be.
I love this show, and it is only in it's second episode.
Everything about it.
>Kai does a beautiful job of just acting like a teenage boy, and for the age he is in real life- he portrays a believable lovestruck teenager just wanting to play games and not do his homework. It is the beauty of his boylike antics that make me sucked into the show so easily.
>His character's laziness and stubbornness- down to making up his tombstone inscription, is perfect. A teenage boy from America to Korea would blow off giving someone a letter and then realizing they didn't do it- would do it at last minute. While doing it last minute, he felt something as well.
>I love the mother, who surprisingly reminds me of Patricia Heaton's character on The Middle named Frankie. She is just trying to make her kids do the right thing, while trying to find herself as well. And like  on The Middle, though American- they are just trying to clean up whatever mess their kids have done.
It's like they had them watch that before doing this show because I see it a lot. Shi Kyung is a Korean Axel Heck.
>His sister, Shi Young is adorable and reminds me of multiple people I went to school with. She is eccentric, annoying, and creative in every way possible. I love her to pieces every time I see her on screen because I can feel her personality so deeply.
>I also love when the Grandmother only does things for Shi Kyung, Although I am used to very caring Grandmothers, it is refreshing to see something like that every once in a while who is only not bitter to her Grandson who looks like her Son. Especially since their dad had passed.

I can't wait to watch more of this show.

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