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Radiant Office Episode 1

7.5/10 from 12 users
Jan 01, 1970
After being rejected 99 times, Ho Won is hoping that the 100th time is the charm. When it turns out not to be, she feels like she is out of options. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 2

8.1/10 from 8 users
Jan 01, 1970

Radiant Office Episode 3

8.4/10 from 8 users
Jan 01, 1970
Chief Seo berates Ho Won for considering resigning after only one day. No one is pleased when Ho Won falls asleep in the showroom. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 4

8.5/10 from 7 users
Jan 01, 1970
The office takes a vote to see if Ho Won can continue to work at Hauline. Ki Taek questions Kang Ho's loyalty. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 5

9.0/10 from 6 users
Jan 01, 1970
Woo Jin is horrified to learn that the contractors were not chosen based on their interviews. Who was really behind the decision to hire them? (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 6

9.2/10 from 7 users
Jan 01, 1970
Woo Jin finds out who the mysterious man talking to Chief Park was, and asks him to contribute to their community park event. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 7

9.0/10 from 5 users
Jan 01, 1970
Ho Won's mother and brother show up for an unexpected visit. Director Han explodes when the sales report does not match the company's goals. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 8

9.3/10 from 4 users
Jan 01, 1970
Chief Park explains to Section Chief Jo that the glass ceiling is very solid and will be difficult to break at Hauline. A catalogue snafu causes chaos. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 9

9.5/10 from 5 users
Jan 01, 1970
Woo Jin tries to make sense of what he heard on the phone. Kang Ho and Ki Taek try to figure out who knows Ho Won's secret. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 10

9.6/10 from 5 users
Jan 01, 1970
Ho Won is surprised by her test results. The office is abuzz with Chairman Seo's illness. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 11

9.1/10 from 4 users
Jan 01, 1970
The three friends are devastated when they learn the truth about why they were hired as contractors. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 12

9.1/10 from 5 users
Jan 01, 1970
Ho Won confronts Doctor Seo. Chief Park sets a plan in motion to oust the executive director and the director. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 13

9.3/10 from 4 users
Jan 01, 1970
Deputy Ha tries to help Ki Taek curry favor so that he will get the permanent position. Seo Hyun offers Section Chief Jo a chance to advance her career. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 14

8.0/10 from 5 users
Jan 01, 1970
The three friends try to make peace with the announcement for the permanent positions. Ho Won's brother comes to visit. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 15

9.5/10 from 2 users
Jan 01, 1970
Director Seo ask Chief Seo to draft a plan to restructure the company. Ho Won is still upset that they are deceiving job seekers. (Source: DramaFever)

Radiant Office Episode 16

9.5/10 from 3 users
Jan 01, 1970
Ki Taek tries to come to terms with his illness while the office reels from Chief Seo's resignation. (Source: DramaFever)