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Both are office dramas and both revolve around temporary employees and their struggles. Incomplete life is more serious and it was done better (it has some philosophical reasoning related to Baduk(Go)), still both of them are really enjoyable. Actually, Incomplete Life has almost a perfect story so if you liked Radiant Office, you'll surely like this one.
Recommended by Chocco
Both involve a female office worker who thinks she has a terminal illness and therefor start changing her attitude from a meek to a much more fighting one.. which starts changing her life.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both are office dramas, starring Ha Suk Jin in which he plays a somewhat despicable man (he is a better human in RO), while the female worker is honest and desperate by default (more desperate in DS)..
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both are recent office dramas which involve a somewhat unbelievable situations for examples of the struggles of the employers of the companies and have comedic aspects.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both depicts the strugling of the modern office workers and try to take a look at them. Both include un-even couples within the same company.
While MT&NJG depicts a modern grown woman in a somewhat traditional society; 3 generations men of the same family and a struggling dad, trying to raise his children..
RO depicts 3 youngsters fighting for a job for which they are not quite capable of, a mother trying to break the glass ceiling and raise herself as a manager. Both have a protagonist that tries to break his prejudice and mistrust of others about himself, but first starts crushing his/her prejudice about others. Both have changed a lot of jobs, before landing amd finding his/her place finally in this one. In both their partner has a calmer temper, but is not a complete push-over as it raises himself/herself into a fighter of some sort.

Main couples in both live neirby to one another and somewhat run to each other even outside work. They grow to like one another- as they start to understand better the problems of the other.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both of the shows are in office settings. They both have angry bosses.
Recommended by nislam
Both revolve around office politics and romance. Both are a great mixture of clever, cute, serious, funny etc. etc.
Recommended by twinsizedmattress