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The King's Woman Episode 24

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Sep 13, 2017

Episode 24: Plots Abound--And Yes, they Consummated

In this episode, we are confronted with more plots within the palace, Li'er and the emperor continue to grow in harmony, and Han Fei is imprisoned.

1.In a very chilling, but telling, conversation, Prince Yan tells the emperor that it is hard to feel warm in Qin because he is from Yan. The emperor becomes annoyed and then asks him why he pretended to lose at archery and today at chess (after first admitting in the past he had indeed acted on feelings frustration and vented his anger by doing things to hurt others) and then is extremely annoyed when Yan ignores his question and congratulates him on his victory in a very friendly, if tired way after Li Zhong announces it. The emperor states he will be playing chess with Han in the future.

2.On his way out, Yan runs into Li'er who is delivering a scroll on the art of governing to the emperor as a gift. She winds up lending it to Yan.

3.The emperor loses in chess and thanks Han for not faking. It is basically evident that while the emperor is now on top, he is finding that it is very lonely when you have all the power and everyone is obedient to you and fears you (remember he wanted this early on). AND THEN the emperor tells Han he should get married and have kids (it's like saying I know you love Li'er but I am tired of it)

4.That night, the emperor is laying with Li'er and throws a jealous tantrum when he learns that Li'er lent the scroll to Yan. Now this is an important scene, because Li'er doesn't get mad. Just as the emperor has learned how to deal with li'er, she knows how to deal with him. Without getting mad, she calmly tells him, after he insists to know exactly what they talked about, that she won't do as he wants--so putting two and two together I figure he likes it when she is disobedient because everyone tries to please him.

5.Then they go to bed together. So I am certain that they are sleeping together.

6.Meanwhile, Han sees Ru'er and this scene happened already so its botched editing...

7.Then Han runs into Qing'er. They were both ordered to be here by the emperor, thus it is evident he wants them to be together. Then Ru'er walks in (makes zero sense) and tries to imply that they were being naughty. Han leaves, and under pressure Qing'er admits the emperor arranged this.

8.THEN the emperor reveals to Li'er, after questioning Qing'er, that he tried to hook her servant up with Han. Because everyone deserves to be as happy as us! Just like someone newly in love...anyways Li'er says you are basically an idiot and shouldn't have done that without talking to me but he says you wouldn't have agreed....

9.Now Ru'er is just always popping up in the right places, and she observes Han basically telling Li'er that he loves her and is okay with her not liking him back....

10.Jing nurses Lan'er back to health

11.Han Fei is happy with Lady Han...and adorably shy

12.Li Si meets with Ru'er, who plays on his fears of being supplanted by Han Fei to get him to do something bad...

13.At court, it is announced that in spite of their victories they have lost to Zhao(?); Han Fei urges the emperor to take down Zhao and not stop because Zhao will try to use this victory to forge alliances and Li Si takes this as a chance to not only blame it all on han Fei, but to accuse him of secretly communicating with the Han King and then LADY HAN appears with the alleged message!

14.In the next scene, Lady is shown being awarded by Ru'er and then Li'er learns that Han Fei has been arrested. She visits him secretly and basically says I know you are innocent but we will have a hard time of dispelling the lies planted by Lady Chu/Ru'er.

15.The episode ends with Li'er being kidnapped.

Thoughts: While the pacing was good the writing was not so good for this episode. I liked how they set up plots but maybe it was the translations thoughts but a lot of things just seemed really sudden and random. It felt choppy. Not a lot of things made sense. Its like the writers are yet again falling into that problem of moving into another plot arc but failing to transition it very well. I also think not enough attention was given to the consummation, since they built up to. Come on guys.

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