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The King's Woman



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Half of the story line is based on true facts from The King's Women's story. Gong Shun Li or known as Li Ji / Li Er, had a son ( Tian Ming ) with her second disciple brother - Jing Ke before she was enforced into Qin Palace and later became the Qin Emperor Ying Zheng's women. This story is part of the continuous events happened after Qin Emperor Ying Zheng killed Jing Ke and lady Gong Shun Li, about how Jing Tian Ming and few other tribes how they rebelled & survived under the ruthless Qin enforcement. Other half of the story is just a legend and a journey of discovery of the legendary "Mo Zi" inventions.
Recommended by ALEXANDRIA
Similar plot, love triangle (one woman - two man), sarcifaces for love, treasons for love, lots of fight (swords) scene.....
Recommended by meg919
Both dramas have a similar setting/Period they play in. Both female leads aren't push over and seek revenge on the country that destroyed theirs and the enemy that appearantly killed their loved once but evetually both female leads fall in love with the royal of the enemy country and become concubines now dealing with the jealousy and intrigues of the Harem/court.
Recommended by Kristana
The King in both dramas are fictionalized real figures. They are both regarded as ruthless kings but beyond that they've contributed a lot for the countries.
Recommended by aquamarie
-girl must survive her life in the palace
-receives the King's interest/love
-has love for another
Recommended by MissEurydice
This two dramas are very similar. The main couple they are from rival countries. She saved his life when they were kids. Both main girls have something they wear to make the male lead recognize the girl, in general and I it was a jade hairpin but in The King's Woman it is a half cirlce jade necklace. The male lead forces marriage with the main girl. The main girl is in love with someone else in the beginning. The only difference so far is that the main guy is king in this drama but in General and I he was a general, also the female lead was a female strategist in General and I but in this drama she is a swordfighter.
Recommended by Rachel
Dilariba is the main lead where as Bin Bin is the second male lead and they both had great chemistry.
Recommended by Shelly
Dilraba Dilmurat & Zhang Vin are in here as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Recommended by KOKONATTSU