White Lily



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May 11, 2017
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First of all it is necessary to understand that Roman pornography is different from ordinary pornography, it can roughly be said that Roman pornography seeks the more philosophical and natural side, since common pornography is the most perverted and immoral side of sexual relations, explicit.
"White Lily" is a film yui or shojo-ai, in my view was not one of the best, has defects, one of them was the intimate demonstration of affection of the couple, got it wrong, the chosen positions vulgarized the thing, Hideo Nakata maybe not Has understood this point well, after all, the preliminaries started well, but the climax devalued, the issue is already controversial, and demonstrating in a "wrong" way only makes things worse.
In contrast, the perspective was good, although in private opinion, I think from the moment that there is a relationship, indifferent to the sexual option, neither side should give freedom or have eyes for others (a) s ... Psychologically speaking People are never completely satisfied with what they have, maybe this is one of the reasons to betray, "if I am with someone and the other or the other shows interest, why not," the problem that comes after the consequences, is That thing, the neighbor's grass is always the greenest, the queue at your side always goes faster ...
From this perspective the feature became "vulgar" instead of demonstrating a positive point of view, it demonstrated a negative view of lesbianism. It remains to know which side the director chose, whether it was even this ambiguous perception that the director proposed or he gave that basic slip.

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