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The girl struggles financially by doing different part-time jobs. That's how she meets her prince... but there is one problem: he suffers from illness to human touch. They don't like each other at the beginning but then it turns out that she is the one - the one that can touch him without causing a disaster. The romace plays the main part in both stories - both are equally worth watching!
Recommended by Cassandra89
Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.Same related story btwn employee and employer.
Recommended by Vishwas Ng
Both has a controlling obsessive male lead (even though their characters are different). Both have a female lead that is outgoing, bright, and a act first, think later type mentality. The relationship between the main CP in both is CEO + worker.
Recommended by Miura_Eli
while male lead has phobia germs and obsessed with clean and female lead is total opposite to male lead where she doesnt care about cleanliness. while she helps to face his phobia in being time they fall in love may be u feel same vibes try it......!
Recommended by priya jenny
Not quite as epic as BOF, but if you enjoyed watching the normally arrogant and self-assured Joon Pyo become insecure and goofy as he tried to express his love, then you will like this one. The male lead has a similar vibe and you WILL laugh out loud watching him. Nice little love triangle and some good-looking guys round out the similarities.
Recommended by dramafanNC
1- male boss and female employee fall in love.
2- male boss has a problem with facing people.
3- love triangle.
4- trauma.
Recommended by Moka
- Male boss and female employee develop a relationship
- Male boss in denial of the developing feelings at first
- Female employee very messy, male boss is organized
Recommended by JennyTheNerd_
Both the shows have a Male leads where they have severe multiple phobias and a Female lead to help the other in a certain way.
Recommended by Knight_Cube
The female leads are both fighting for their dreams and end up in a cleaning job. Both female leads encounter a male lead they do not get along with at first.
Recommended by lattebean_
- Both male leads have a phobia (one aspect of it is that they can't touch other people)
- Male lead can only touch the female lead
- Female lead help male lead overcome their fear
Recommended by JennyTheNerd_
both the dramas male lead suffers from germophobia and both are cute as well... both female lead look so cute and gorgeous ... light hearted ROM com ..
Recommended by sandhyamohanraj