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Faith Episode 22

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Nov 3, 2012

there u go choi young

i love it when choi young said MY WOMAN. now that was the best part of that show. i cant wait till the next episode :D
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Oct 24, 2012


Honestly? This drama makes me miss Lee MinHo... If I ever lay my hands on the director of this drama, I'll...stab him...and the screenwriter... grrr...
I became so hungry for the real Lee MinHo, that I started rewatching BBF yesterday, YES~!
Don't misunderstand, the actors are doing great! I absolutely love the acting, but the way it is shot, or the actions of the characters are just... DRIVING ME MAD~!!!!
How many times have they made me hand on the moment, when I was almost not breathing 'c'mon kiss, c'mon grab her, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon'!!!!!!! GAH~! Writing about it makes me more angry! This director is killing both Lee MinHo's and Kim HyeSun's spitits of romance! WTH???!!! Lack of imagination...

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