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It involves time-traveling and doctors that affect the past. Faith is about a plastic surgeon and Time Slip Dr. Jin is about a brain surgeon.
Recommended by Jenniber
Time travelling fusion thingy. Passionate kiss =P Both are very cute and funny but also have their dramatic scenes
Recommended by WillowM
The main actor :D
And of course - good plot, actions scenes and romance :D
Recommended by Klaudia
Both female leads are sent back in time. Although there are huge plot difference between the two dramas, they share a similar sense of direction. They both start very light-heartedly and joyful only to go down a much deeper path with an emotional twist. However, the time travel aspect is a heavier story element in Faith than it is in Moon Lovers, but still, Moon Lovers is pretty entertaining without having to surround its' plot around time travelling.
Recommended by MistyMaid
Both are historical dramas with political intrigue, romance and magic.
Recommended by AnitaGuida
The two stories take place in the same historical time. Faith takes place in the last part of Empress Ki, after she gets married.
While in Goryeo reigned King Gongmin and Queen Noguk (Faith), in Yuan did Emperor Huizong and Empress Ki (Empress Ki).
The two states were in constant conflict with each other. In Faith, King Gongmin had to fight against those who wanted Goryeo to be another province of Yuan. And one of those, was the main antagonist, Ki Cheol, brother of Empress Ki.
Both are historical, action and romance dramas. Only that Faith it's a lot lighter, have fantasy and medical themes, and focused in a romance story between two characters. Empress Ki is a darker and more serious story, with lots of tragedies and political themes, that focuses on a longer range of time, and in which the romance is just another one of the many points that has to offered.
Recommended by Docta
Drama is about time travel and medicine. I think that Faith and Live up to your name are matched very well. Both good and fun to watch.
Recommended by Topokki
"A modern-day surgeon is kidnapped and taken back 700 years to the Goryeo Dynasty in Korean history."
Recommended by Marta
8.5 JIN (2009)
Time-traveling and doctors that change the fate of the past.
Recommended by claudya87
Although Vigilantes in Masks is not supernatural/ time travel inclined the filming style, animation included, and the seemingly laid back attitude of the male character reminds me of Faith's.
Recommended by Ari_Lee
Its similar in the sense girl goes back in time and has useful knowledge from the future.
However in faith which is a full length drama the guy is a general and girl is a doc. Its more mature vibe and has some supernatural stuff.
In Splash Splash which is 2 ep. the guy is the king, and the girl is in high school, overall the drama is really cute.
Recommended by Eunha
Both are fantasy dramas and faith has Lee Min Ho :) You get to see time travel and it is a good story.
Recommended by Divy
8.2 Shin Don (2005)
same era, same people ( if exclude fantasy part), same events but diferent series.
Recommended by Raincat
8.7 W (2016)
Both female leads are doctors with similar personality types. They both get transported to another realm/time period. While Faith is more of a medical drama and sageuk, W is more of a modern day romantic comedy.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
If you take away the supernatural time-traveling theme with the main girl, it revolves around King Gongmin, Princess Nagook and General Choi Young who seem to play a bit role in the background of the Six Flying Dragons. It's definitely a good drama to watch either before or at the same time as Six Flying Dragons to get a good background picture as to why Goryeo is looking the way it does in Six Flying Dragons.
Recommended by MinaVIP