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Mar 29, 2013
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Excellent show, Action, Love, Politics it has it all. The acting was very good and the story superb. The story is about the encounters of a kingdom called Yan and a princess who eventually became Empress and to fought thru difficulties from both within and outside her country. Her determination and love trial are by far some of the good points of this show, so give it a try
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The Butterfly
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Jun 15, 2023
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"No need for a good man"

An Empress and the Warriors was a lushly shot film set during the warring kingdoms that tried to take flight but tumbled to earth due to lack of a compelling story. A warrior turned doctor attempted to show an empress the world in his high-flying ride only for her to be drawn back into her old life.

The Kingdoms of Yan and Zhao have been in a generations old war with each other. During a battle the Yan emperor is struck with an arrow and bequeaths his kingdom to his trusted general, Muyong Xue Ha (Donnie Yen). When it looks like the move will create a civil war he gives the crown to the emperor's daughter, Yan Feier (Kelly Chen). Her vile cousin, Hu Ba (Guo Xiao Dong) stirs the court saying the emperor can neither be an orphan like Xue Ha or a woman like Feier. Feier promises to train as a warrior to be worthy of her title. Hu Ba hires a lethal gang of assassins and sets them after Feier. After being shot with a poisonous dart, she is saved by warrior turned doctor Duan Lan Quan (Leon Lai). Feelings spark but she has to go home to protect the country.

After battling the Zhao again, she abdicates the throne to Muyong and races back to Duan. Despite her previous speeches about the needs of the people, she makes the whiplash inducing decision to take care of her own needs instead. While floating in a magic balloon with her lover, her actions result in a disaster for the stability of the kingdom.

The movie was beautifully shot with plenty of iconic scenery for the battle and training montages as well as the romantic montages all overlaid with emotionally swelling music. So many montages. The military armor looked glorious in the well-choreographed battle and fight scenes. Duan's elaborate tree house felt summoned out of a fairytale or a movie set in Sherwood Forest. The movie's appearance was stunning. Unfortunately, the love triangle was wobbly at best and the grand romance felt forced and short-tracked, lacking in chemistry. Chen was more believable as the fierce warrior a la Mulan than the pouty princess. The writers did her a disservice by having her running back and forth between love and duty especially for someone who constantly commented on her commitment to her people. Yen made the most of his supporting role and stood out in his armor even though it kept him from his usual acrobatic fighting. Guo was saddled with few scenes and being cast as the stereotypical greedy villain who desired the throne over the good of the people. Leon Lai's love interest came across as bland and more than a little preachy.

If the writers had not made the empress appear so flighty in her emotions and loyalty it would have been a much stronger film for me. She ultimately embraces her role and duty but even then, it was when she had so few choices left. They missed out on creating a courageous female character of greater depth and wisdom. In the place of writing a compelling and consistent female lead, the writers gave us battle after battle, and montage after montage. An Empress and the Warriors kept the action full throttle throughout the film creating an exciting ride if not a memorable or magical one.


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Aug 13, 2020
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Ancient Chinese Historical Action-Romance

The story is weak but it manages to present itself in a way that you aren't let down by it; you were expecting it. And there was too much music for my liking – moments which would have worked better without the ‘epic’ soundtrack.

But anyway, this movie had a lot of epic fighting scenes that expertly done. This movie was kind of boring and slow appears to be a typical historical movie, but it got better and quite interesting at the end.

If you're a history buff, especially loves chinese history, i think you're gonna love this. It was happened in Zhou Dynasty before Qin unite them all. And last for the ‘romance’ part of the film is kinda weak and a bit rush.

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