The Bullet Vanishes



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Nov 13, 2013
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This is why I love HKC films; not only they make the most terrific Martial Arts and Wuxia films but they also became so freaking professional at making Crime/Thriller/Mystery films as well.

The Bullet Vanishes is one of the better Mystery/Crime films produced in China in the recent years. The plot was so solid and quite twisty. The film was a long mysterious journey to catch the “ghost bullets” shooter with one of the smartest and brightest detectives in that era. I have to mention that I loved the use of the 30’s period as setting. The cinematography and directing deserve loud claps; Lo Chi Leung did a splendid job with this film’s visuals.

Throughout the whole film, you will find yourself wondering about the criminal’s way of killing; he’s one smart murderer who uses the technique of “Ghost Bullets”, the bullets that kill but then disappears. The curse and the fantasy side come to light as the most probable solution for this difficult case but detective Bao and detective Guo decide to go through a mysterious journey to uncover the killer’s trick as well as his identity. What also attracts the intention and worthy to be mentioned is the reality of events; although there were action sequences, none of them was exaggerated in a way that would seem fake which is extremely appreciated. I like action movies that keep it real.

This film is an absolute crime thriller that’s full of mesmerizing suspense and genius mystery built up that made the journey quite exciting and intriguing to follow. Throwing significant hints every once in a while was a major strength point that counts for this film’s screenwriting. You may find yourself comparing this to Sherlock Holmes’ films at many occasions.

The acting was High-Class. I am familiar with Nicholas Tse and as usual, he didn’t disappoint; that guy’s charisma is no joke while the veteran Lau Ching Wan was absolutely great for this role. The characters ’involvements in the events’ development deserves the praise; every character in this film had its own role in the mystery/suspense built up and the search for the truth. They created magnificent harmony that gave the plot a great appeal.

I am not saying that this film is perfect by any mean since it had its own clichés of paring an experienced detective with a younger hot-shot or the somewhat “stolen” twist at the end but that doesn’t deny the fact that this is a great detective thriller.

Watch this if:
-You like Crime Thrillers that are full of suspense.
-You like hardcore mysteries that keep you wondering all the way; this is a film created for mystery lovers.
-You’re in the mood for a dark and intriguing story.
-You’re in a mood for a great detective/investigation ride.
-You like Nicholas Tse; his fans shouldn’t miss this one.

Do not watch if:
-You dislike stories that focus on mystery built up more than anything else.
-You’re looking for a light film. Although there’s romantic interest, it’s absolutely meaningless for the film’s general vibe. In my opinion, it was useless for this type of film.

In the end, I can only say that this film is a thriller ride that relies on a well-written mystery which I believe it was very intriguing and fun to follow despite its flaws. It gets a well-earned 8,5/10 from me.

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