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Akumu-Chan Episode 1

8.2/10 from 27 users
Oct 13, 2012
A new student, Yuiko-chan, transfers to the class of professor Mutoi Ayami and asks for her help to prevent an old lady from being set to fire which happened in her dream. Ayami-sensei… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 2

8.6/10 from 18 users
Oct 20, 2012
Yuiko now has a nightmare where one of Ayami-sensei's students goes to offer a duck to his father and then kills a snake that is supposed to represent his father. Ayami-sensei doesn't… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 3

8.9/10 from 21 users
Oct 27, 2012
Someone finds out about the nightmare Yuiko had and writes a manga titled the "Invisible School Rules". In that manga an invisible man applies his own rules by making pranks at school… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 4

8.9/10 from 21 users
Nov 03, 2012
After revealing that she is actually a psychopath, Ayami-sensei's students start to doubt her and decide to check if that's true. First, they try to find out if Ayami is actually seeing… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 5

9.2/10 from 15 users
Nov 10, 2012
This time's nightmare is about the brothers Uehara. A past situation that Uehara Shou did to his younger brother Ryuu hunts him in his dreams and will influence his nightmare and his… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 6

9.2/10 from 13 users
Nov 17, 2012
The school nurse uses the pillow Shiki-kun gave her to collect the dream of a student who had troubles with her mother and realizes that collecting Yuiko's dream might help her. That… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 7

8.6/10 from 14 users
Nov 24, 2012
After revealing that he can draw dream cards, Shiki Takashi plans on getting Yuiko-chan on his side so she can help him. After kidnapping her he uses her dream to help a witness retrieve… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 8

9.2/10 from 14 users
Dec 01, 2012
Ayami-sensei tells her students she will resign because she is the one who has seen the precognitive dreams and caused troubled with them. At the same time she discover that after… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 9

9.1/10 from 14 users
Dec 08, 2012
Two of the girls in Ayami-sensei class fear they are being targeted to some kind of organization and they ask for Ayami-sensei's help. After a nightmare of Yuiko concerning Nao-chan,… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 10

9.5/10 from 13 users
Dec 15, 2012
Ayami-sensei tried to uncover the truth behind the kidnapping but both Shiki-kun and Sister Marika don't help her and the police does not believe in her. Yuiko has a dream where she… read more

Akumu-Chan Episode 11

9.6/10 from 12 users
Dec 22, 2012
Yuiko-chan still has a dream while being unconscious that helps save Sister Marika and reveal more about the organization responsible for the kidnapping. Koto-sensei also shows a dream… read more