Well acted and plotted workplace drama headlined by Zhao Youting, who earns his place as true royalty among Chinese actors.
Recommended by fooDog
Also an office drama though more focused on starting of a career as an outsider in a hostile environment. Mark Chao, Qiao Xin an Bai Jinting are brilliant. Mark Chao and others play a role in both dramas.
Recommended by vsig
- Both dramas tells a story surrounding corporate environment.
- Both main leads had a rough life, in which they suffer from unfair mistreatments and also looked down by their surroundings.
- Both main leads are very intelligent and extremely inspirational.
- Both main leads lack opportunities, hence they have to proof their worth through hard-work and perseverance.
- Both leads start from zero and work very hard to achieve success, meaning that the FL in "The Ideal City" doesn't have certification to become an official cost engineer, on the other hand, ML in "Misaeng" doesn't have any college degree.
- Because they lack qualifications ("TIC" FL doesn't have certificate and "Misaeng" ML only work as an intern who doesn't have any college degree) - they both suffer from mistreatment, where their work were stolen by the higher ups.
- Both dramas also deals with office politics, which portrayed a very severe and harsh reality.
- Both dramas have little romance, instead they tend to focus more on the main leads growth in the industry.

I noticed that both are filmed in a similar fashion. Especially the tone of the setting, where they use a warm-toned filter.
Recommended by hey887984
Businesses , bidding , hardwork ,romance, workplace ,betrayal,life.

This two drama are very similar looking at the fact that depict real life in the business industry. In both drama the male leads are very calculative and so are the female. So much similarities.
Recommended by Ru Yi
Both involve women with amazing skills proving themselves in a professional setting. Also, great female friendships. Search: WWW is more romance-heavy but both serve up excellent office drama.
Recommended by ztravs88
Both are Chinese business dramas that have a very talented female lead, who is exceptionally good at her job and crunching numbers. In both, the male lead and female lead have a senior/junior relationship as well as somewhat of a mentor/mentee relationship. The Ideal City has slightly more romance, but the relationship in both start off somewhat platonic.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
Tightly plotted, well acted Sun Li drama with an epic FL v.s. villain showdown and very genuine side characters.
Recommended by fooDog
Like The Power Source, The Ideal City is workplace setting with great cast and an interesting story. Both give an insight of the workings of Chinese companies
Recommended by cloggie
More mature storytelling & line. Intelligent females handcuffed by ruthless & fearless love who are able to break through and live life terms more to their favor.
Recommended by MysteryMel-Bookish
same actress, and both stories about modern women in the work field!

Both drama's focus on a womens ambitions in the work world, but also are super good, heart felt slice of life dramas that teach important lessons
Recommended by twinsizedmattress
Both drama series focused on career development of the main leads.
Both drama also shows the reality of living in the big city, temptations, life principles.
Recommended by llisa
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