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Jumong would be the history prior to King Geunchogo, maybe a little more romanticized.
Recommended by NewKDramaAddict
Both feature Song Il Gook as one of the main cast

Both are good tales of the underdog mastering martial arts, archery and owning major ass when no one thought they could

Both are great lengthy historical dramas that gained lots of popularity at the times they aired

They both start a bit slow/bad with Jumong a bit of a worse start than Sea God
Recommended by WanderingRonin
destroying Goguryeo and remake it in this shows.
very attractive tv series for whom want to see survival of Goguryeo .
Recommended by mohammad
They are both about a person who founds a new land - both engaging and very good.
Recommended by DreamingKoreanBallad
Great OST. occurs during 3 kingdoms period. beautiful cast & powerful acting.
both shows emphasize about 3rd prince(in jumong) OR 4th prince (in seodongyo) who strive to become king against all odds.
Recommended by goonggoong
Saga about great emperor of Korea.
Gwanggaeto is descendant of Jumong.
The vibe from this two drama are very similar and you can connect when Gwanggaeto talks about history of his Kingdom bcs some of them can be found in drama Jumong.
Recommended by Danniah
It's the sequel to Jumong - following the journey of Jumong's grandson
Recommended by DreamingKoreanBallad