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I Summon You, Gold! Episode 19

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I Summon You, Gold! Episode 19 Reviews

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Jun 30, 2013

Splitting Up?

Isn’t it too soon? But Seung Eun already found out that Mong Hee is acting like Yoona; oh, that’s pretty bad because one day she will reveal her. I mean isn’t it the time where Yoona comes back? Oh, come on!

Also, Hyun Jun is acting like a couple with Seung Eun? They’re not too good together because of that stupid Seung Eun. Although I came to like him lately but he knows what his mother is doing but he’s still keeping silent about it? Come on man! They’re your blood too.

And Hyun Tae, you idiot! Things came this far and you still don’t want to break up with that stupid Mina?! Come on, it’s clear that you’re developing feelings for Mong Hyun, you punk!

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