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Min Jae Yi, a gentle and poised daughter of a prominent family, is engaged to the son of a powerful State Councillor. Devoting herself to learning everything she needs to know to become a good wife and mother, Jae Yi dutifully prepares for the future. Sadly, destiny has other plans for her future. Just days before her wedding, tragedy strikes when her family is brutally murdered, and Jae Yi is falsely accused of the crime. Amidst the turmoil, she crosses paths with the cursed crown prince, Lee Hwan, who agrees to help her in exchange for her assistance in breaking his curse. As they navigate their challenges together, Jae Yi and Lee Hwan begin to develop unexpected feelings for each other. But their love faces countless obstacles, including their pasts, their uncertain futures, and the threat of the curse. Can they overcome these challenges and find a way to be together? (Source: CK Warrior at MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the novel "The Golden Hairpin" (簪中录) by Ce Ce Qing Han (侧侧轻寒). Edit Translation

  • English
  • Arabic
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  • Português (Portugal)
  • Country: South Korea
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 20
  • Aired: Feb 6, 2023 - Apr 11, 2023
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
  • Original Network: TVING tvN
  • Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
  • Score: 8.1 (scored by 6,681 users)
  • Ranked: #1799
  • Popularity: #684
  • Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Mar 20, 2023
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
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I'm loving this!

Haha... no, this is not a McDonald's joke but I really do love the drama. I mean, people used to say Hwarang was bad but aside from some endgame plot that I'm not really fond of, that drama was okay. The same would I say about this drama. I've been waiting for a new drama where Hyungsik would play another royal prince character and lo, WE GOT IT! And this time, his character has a higher likelihood to get the girl SINCE HE'S THE MAIN LEAD GUY!?

Anyway, since this drama more or less was based on a Chinese novel... some plot might be predictable to those who are familiar with the novel. Or maybe not, since it's a kdrama some elements of the original novel would've been changed to suit the sageuk theme. That should be quite interesting to see regardless.

I really like how the characters were written. I mean, as much as there was this supposed triangle between Hwan, Jaeyi and Seung-on, the drama didn't focus too much on the triangle and just let the characters naturally grow to develop a decent friendship. There weren't too many unnecessary conflicts being made just to make the plot 'dramatic'. Which was nice. I love how Hwan and Jaeyi's appeared to start at first as an encounter between two people in crisis, which progressed into a sweet friendship between two person who could've easily been childhood friends and later having a much deeper love growing in between. I like how natural their relationship progressed into mutual love as Jaeyi grew to learn more about Hwan and help each other.

I also love the comedy element with Myungjin and Ga-ram and even more when Hwan and Jaeyi were with them. Cos seriously, I feel that a lot of the funny scenes were brilliant adlibs by the cast and that's so brilliant!

The mystery and political intrigues and conspiracies are nice too, but the serious plot didn't completely overshadow the lighthearted scenes. Also the ost, songs and special effects are well done as well and the visuals are pretty, so what else to ask? Seriously if you consider the time period where it'd be hard to investigate a murder and find the culprit without the modern techs we have now as well as the fact political murders and violent outbreaks of people who desire control of the throne are a common thing, it makes sense for people to not be able to trust anyone so completely, in order to stay alive . Added with superstitions and lack of complete knowledge on how things like science work in such times, life could be so scary if you're stuck in such a situation. I really like how the writer made good use to insert little clues here and there that may at first seem unrelated or pointless, only to later bring it back to form the bigger image in order to head to the final conclusion.

If you just want to enjoy some drama to fill your pastime, you can try watching this drama and you may find yourself liking it. If you're the type to be all negative and expect a drama to live up to some non-existent 'perfect' standard of what could be a great drama, don't bother watching this drama and spread your negativities here.

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Mar 25, 2023
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 6.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 4.0
This review may contain spoilers

this show isn’t blooming

The first episode of this drama is point blank amazing. It sets up a really good story with a strong female lead. I expected this show to stay that way, to stay just as engaging as the first... but it didn't

Our Blooming Youth leans more towards a political mystery than an action. I expected a lot more fighting from the female lead since she was really good at it in the first episode. Her character is just weird to me, she is supposed to be really good at solving mysteries but the way the audience knows that is pretty dull. They just say she did it with her father and was good at it, there barely is any flashbacks to her life with her family. That is an issue.

Min Jae Yi wants to find the culprit behind her fathers murder. For some reason that is intertwined with the crown prince because of a letter she got. The letter tells her to protect the crown prince and her father does as well as she's dying. She has to disguise herself as a male to not get caught and to investigate. So that was what I can tell after the first few episodes, and now onto episode 14 it is the same thing. She is still disguised and the progress is really slow. The more I watched the more annoyed I became of her character. She does a lot of talking where it sounds like complaining or whining… at the beginning she wielded a sword and was super cool- what now? Where did that go? She just talked and confronts people.. from an outside perspective she clearly would be annoying.. it hurts because she CAN fight. But there is little to no action here and it comes in abrupt spurts.

Of course this is all my opinion. But come on now, I can't help but compare. Shows with. a mystery driven plot can do well, and they are able to be engaging. The whole disguise and mystery aren't working because the build up was so poor. They don't have any flashbacks of Min Jae Yi being young and showing how she cares for her family, there is no threat to her because in the end I know she is a main character and there will be no harm. The steaks for their mission to find the culprit is so low and lost. A lot of this drama is filler scenes with the main gang hanging out... crown prince, Min Jae, her maid friend, her maid friend teacher.

It was ok at first, but it slowly made me become so bored. I am not stupid and I can understand what is going on. I watched 50 episodes of the Untamed and knew all the characters names, convictions, why they did what they did, the mystery. The Untamed just did it right. It engaged me because it took a careful setup to show why these characters are doing what they are doing without telling you. I wish Min Jae's character took time to reflect on the deaths of her family, they could have developed them as characters rather than them being dead. That way I would want to find out just as much as she did, I would have a reason to care. Right now it is just the plot. Her family is dead and she loves them just because. I mean of course they are her family but they could show that bond between them and show how much it pains her to have it cut off rather than having the audience make it up for themselves.

Straight up some characters don't need as much time and time is wasted on them. The teacher friend guy in the pink outfit is a comic relief and at this point the maid is to. The interesting characters like the crown prince really take a back seat. It is such a shame, the crown prince before him died- I mean they could have him feel guilt and shame. He does.. a little.. but the story goes and cuts to any other place but his.

He is involved with the mystery and is supposed to have a curse on him. I think the writers forgot about the curse after a few episodes. His arm works, he is just paranoid. It is fine but he is one dimensional, slowly being flattened by the writing. His relationship is supposed to be a blooming romance with Min Jae Yi, and they apparently were childhood friends? That whole plot thread serves no purpose whatsoever. It is just a cheap way to have a connection between them because there is no chemistry or spark.

Min Jae Yi liked who she was betrothed to (which is another interesting character I wish they would actually spend time on). They spend time on characters, but its all talking.. its so boring and is all over the place. I could know these characters names but I don't. It's not my fault and I am capable, but I shouldn't have to look things up and write things down when watching a drama. I don't hate the drama, I just am so disappointed.
Min Jae Yi kind of gets annoying because she isn't even doing what she wanted to in the first place. Half of the time its her looking worried and remembering and failing to remember, I don't really see her do anything.........

Park Hyung Sik's drama Happiness that I watched before this served him much better. Just watch that if you like him. He is cute and not cold, not saying he is bad at acting here. I just do not like his character. The crown prince is bipolar I swear, like he flips on a dime and has people he trusts and then doesn't trust. The only reason why is because he's paranoid.

Don't even get me started on the villain. The villain I do not even know the name of. He just wants power I think? He sucks as a character and a villain and a threat, he has done nothing other than probably killing Jae Yi's family and other people. But I don't care anymore.

I have to finish this drama because I'm almost done. Maybe its a slow burn. Then again a slow burn should be engaging. So I recommend to people that like political dramas and that's it? It's just boring and not doing what it is supposed to do. This is completely unbiased, maybe it's not my style. Still I have watched similar things... Iljimae is older but a much better revenge plot mystery drama, watch that instead. This show is so bland.

Now by the end of it I become so .. bored? I don’t know honestly. It felt like a satire and a disservice to the actors at the last episode. I’m talking about the twin brother plot line. That was so cheap because they didn’t show how this kid existed, that he was his brothers shadow. Like he was there as a plot device rather than a character and I could write a whole essay on why he is and how it could’ve been done better. They crammed so much but it still was watered down and I didn’t care. Now that’s just me. But this drama honestly isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Maybe it’s because I expected more tension overall, romance wise, plot wise, it was just standard and compared to older historical dramas I’ve seen it didn’t have a lot of heart. It’s too bad honestly.

In the end good guy wins bad guy looses. Why are they good and bad though? You don’t get that- it’s just your main characters. That is all, no backstories further than what you knew at episode 2. The main group of characters don’t get developed and neither does the bad guy. That is how I sum this up. What about the curse? It’s not real. What about the family that was murdered? It’s just the bad guy that did it? Why? I don’t know because he’s bad … I’m sorry I’m trying my best here.

The reason why I am so harsh is because of the potential. There are parts where this show is good, but at the end I lost all interest that I don’t care. It’s a shame to me.

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  • Drama: Our Blooming Youth
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