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South Africa


South Africa

As of now I have decided to change up my rating system. I personally feel this to be much better.

★★★★★ Masterpiece. One of my absolute favourites. Will never get tired of rewatching again and again over the years.

★★★★½ Superb. Really loved it. Up there with the favourites. Will watch again, for sure. 

★★★★ Amazing. Loved it and would recommend watching immediately. 

★★★½ Solid and good. Would recommend to others.

★★★ Decent. Worth a try / watch at some point when you don't have much else to see.

★★½ Average. 

★★ Mediocre.

★½ Watchable, but just barely.

★ Awful. Just awful. 

½ Absolutely hated it. Will definitely not ever watch it again.


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